Friday 30 July 2010

A tilda card I forgot to post!!!

Hello peeps!!!
I have had the most awesome day out with Mo and his little friends and I am absolutely pooped!!!!
The weather held out all day and they ( and the grown ups too!!) had so much fun, I have a few pics to add to my little something for Mo's best buddy, Callum.

Then gorgeous hubby took me to downtown on the way home for a little womble around the crafty bit and hey ho!!!! there they had the most gorgeous martha stewart branch punch I have been searching for for around 2 years!!!!! yey!!!! I am not sure I have ever picked anything up off a shelf so quickly!!!! so naturally that slipped into the shopping basket (well at £10 I couldn't leave it sat there could I?........) I love payday!!!!! romfl!!!!

So this little tilda wiper card I made ages ago (.....but realised just now I never posted it, I am sat in a half comatose state on my laptop flicking through my card piccies for inspiration to move my sleepy self!!!!!)
She was such a cutie. I made a little 'strap' and tucked a folded £5 note in the wiper bit for tiff whose card it was!!!!! I love the way her socks came out!!!

Right must go and try to wake self up, if I go to bed now I will wake up at daft o'clock and be lonely in a house of sleepy peeps!!!
big hugs
Lou xxx

Wednesday 28 July 2010

Summer birthday card!!

Oh its so dreary tonight, wet and gloomy! so I have just been out to my craft room and spent 10mins cheering myself up with a summery feeling birthday card for a dear friend. She is such a sweet and lovely lady and its her birthday on the 30th July. Its a little mini step card, 3" wide!! awwww.

The gorgeous little beach huts are a freebie from sj's musings. I saw them on caz's blog ( if you don't follow caz already, go and take a peek she is a whizz of a crafty girl!!) and had this little idea for them!!!

I coloured them up all pastelly and cut them out. The cute little girl with the swim ring is Tiddly Inks going swimming, coloured up all summery and cute!!! I even used glaze on her shades!!!! the sea is some adhesive water paper that my friend Fi gave me over a year ago and the clouds are some woodware fluffy stuff, I as quite ginger with it today as I wanted a whispy kind of cloud!! the cute little sunshine 'happy birthday' sentiment I made on my computer on a punched circle and chalked it yellow, a bit of glaze and job done!!! ( its still drying!!). I think this is so cute!!!
well,I am off to warm myself up with a hot vimto and get ready for Ghost whisperer ! it is on at 9pm and I lurve it so a quiet night for me!!!
Hugs Lou xx

Fairy Fae thank you!!

Mo is busy playing with his cousin Lily-boo so I am sneaking in a quick blog post!!!!!!
I know its another Tiddly ink but this girl is way too cute not to share!!!!!! This is Fairy Fae and she is the latest addition to the Tiddly inks shoppe!!!!!
I coloured her up with my promarkers and added a bit of spica glitter pen and gloss to her flowers and the flowers in her hair and her wings are versamark gold brilliance gently rubbed on with my finger!!
I made the card base last night and then it just wouldn't sit right with me so this morning I changed it a little adding a little martha lace to the bottom of the card too and a smaller flower matching the one on sentiment and now I feel much happier about it!!!
Not matter how I try it is just a bit overcast here and I can't get a really good piccy today!!!!
And Fairy Fae a little closer up, I just adore her, I have 2 more coloured up and ready to play with tonight!!!!

Right , must pootle off and play with these cute little guys!!!!! They adore each other and they are so sweet!!!

See you later, thankyou for popping in on me!
Hugs Lou xx

Tuesday 27 July 2010

Daddy, you rock!!

Oh I just love having the holiday time with little Mo, he is so funny.
We were out again at 6 am bike riding and woofer walking ( which may not of been a bad thing as it is clouding over a treat here now!!!!) and when we got home Mo was off out in the garden with one of my little ikea jars, they are so sweet.

Anyway, I ask him what he is doing, he says " collecting some little rocks for daddy to stop his paper flying away on his desk" ( this is because whilst we were out in the craft room yesterday wih the doors open due to the mugginess of the weather, some of the papers on the desk started floating around with the breeze, mo thought it was hilarious and said daddy needs a paperwieght! of course then I got te super "why, what is one of them mummy?"!! so after I explained he just carried on playing, I thought nothing of it and carried on with what I was doing!

So anyway!! once he had filled up this little jar I had an awesome burst of inspiration! Here's a close up of the filled jar, oooh what fab rocks!!!!

A couple of days ago my bloggy friend Lou made an awesome card with her son George. George had done an absolutely super job of writing his friends name on a tag (take a peek with this linky,its way too cute!)

I got one of my coloured stash of Tiddly Inks out, I had the cutest boy holding a rock , called You rock all ready to go and he rminded me a little of Mo with the blondey hair that I just had to use him!

I punched out a circle and inked the edges in a boy grubby brown kinda colour!!! and then I asked Mo to write 'daddy you rock' (he added 2 kisses but I guess that is his right as the artist for the sentiment!! lol!!!!) All I did then was to stick the cute boy to the circle and stick them to the jar!!!! a little bit of brown gingham ribbon and a bit of crochet thread for rope and it was done!!!

It is now sitting proudly on daddy's desk waiting for him to come home and find it "for a surprise!" from Mo, awwwwwww, I could bottle this little guys lovliness and sell it!!! He wants to make another now forhis little friend who is moving soon,....though Mo is in complete denial about it and keeps getting upset!! so that will be one of our jobs for today. I have another baby card to make for a friend who has just had a little boy ( he and his wife have 3 girls already so I was so excited when they had a boy!) I might be back with that later and I have just bought the gorgeous Fairy Fae from Tiddly Inks, I actually squeeled when I saw her!! so she wil be getting coloured today too!!!!

Off to get on with crafting while Mo is busy in the garden!!!
Have a great day everyone!! Hugs Lou xx

Monday 26 July 2010

Get Funky - something new challenge!

Hello everyone!!!
I am feeling a little more human tonight (..... bar feeling a little spaced out and tired!!)
Mo and I were out doing more biking at 6am this morning, he wanted to catch daddy up as daddy bikes to work but Scott was probably sat checking his morning emails before we even got started so Mo settled for a good ride around the block!! Today he was even brave enough to check out riding over the speed humps in the road and the giggles that followed melted me!! awww I am just so proud of him I cannot put it into words!!

So today really cute offering from moi is a new baby card to pop into the get funky challenge blogs 'something new' challenge. I used the delicious gingham paper that is on the cd in a beautiful green colour, I love this paper so much!! I used it on my little vamp boto card in the black and I just love its versatility. Be warned though peeps, there are so many papers to choose from in so many different colourways that it will take you 30 mins just to decided on which to use!!!!

I used my cricut wild card cart and cut at 5" on the blackout function for the base. The words 'little one' are from new arrival in both shadow and normal, I glazed them and added a little yellow bling to match the stars on my gorgeous little sleep tight baby from Tiddly Inks. His little blanket is flock which is soooo soft I keep rubbing it!!!!!

I have a stack of coloured images I need to put to good use so I might do a bit of crafting tomorrow too!! plus its easy finding paper to co-ordinate with my pre coloured images now I have my yummy new colour me happy cd!!! Thanks Anice!! lol!!!

Off to put the kettle on, anyone for a cuppa?!!!
Hugs Lou xxxx

Sunday 25 July 2010

Tiddly Inks challenge 14- sketch it!!

Hello everyone!!
I cannot believe how fast the weekend has gone!! I have been nursing a bit of an upset tummy and coldy bug but have felt my normal cheery me!!!!! my tummy is just an ache now an I feel less fluey but sooo tired!
So this morning I decided I really oght to get on with my Tiddly Inks challenge card, I have got so caught up in the amazing halloween digi's that christy brought out that I forgot that I hadn't done my challenge card!!! This week it is a sketch and I had fun making this one.
I used the super sweet little rocket boy digi. He comes complete with his own little sentiment which gave me the inspiration for my card.
I decided he needed to be in the stars and to follow the sketch I made him a little moon to fly across, I embossed the moon with my cuttlebug spots and dots folder.
The little zig zag embossed flight path is a martha I am babysitting for one of my BFF's Fi while she is enjoying disneyland ( i am missing her sooooo much).I topped it with a little bit of cosmic dust in the form of some of my basic grey fibres!!!!!
My little rocket boy was coloured up with my promarkers and then his smoke is some woodware fluffy stuff in white (too cute in real life, came out a bit pants in the picture!!) I did colour over his face in my clear at you spica copic and he really glimmers but I don't think that showed up either!!!!
Anyway, a small update on mo's caterpillar!! he has started making his cocoon. I cannot tell you how excited Mo was when he came down this morning and the caterpillar was in a thin little house of silk. We have checked him a few times today ( ....every 10 mins to be precise!!! romfl!!!!) and he is now in quite a thick little coccoony silky thing. As silly as it may sound it is actually quite amazing to watch, I will get scott to take a piccy with his posh camera tomorrow!!!
Right off to bloggy womble!!
see you all soon,
big hugs

Lou xxxxx

Friday 23 July 2010

Vamp boto meets funkyhand!!! lol!!!

Hello everyone, I'm back!!
Awwwww, I love my little Vamp boto digi from Tiddly Inks!!!!!! and once I had coloured him up I knew where to find the perfect paper to go with him, on my luscious and sparkly new colour me happy papercraft factory from funkyhand!!!!!!

Now you may laugh at me but I have been itching to get my hands on my colour me happy since I first saw a sneaky peek of a card made with it that had this ginghammy patterned paper on it, I love it and I was even more chuffed when I had coloured in my little vamp boto ( he is just the cutest!! I love all my Tiddlies but mo's face when I do one of the robot ones lights up!! he adores them!!)

I made a little side step card for him and his little roboty bat to live on. I cut a couple of gravestones out with my cricut and inked them up with my almost dead chalk pad ( anice would be proud, the little foam pad on it is flaking away but it still has a little life left in for dulling down freshly cut edges!!! lol!!) I wrote my sentiment on the littlest one with a white gel pen.

Then a bit of drippy gooing from martha ( big thanks to christy from Tiddly inks for a halloween theme on the blog hop as my drippy goo martha has seen plenty of action!!!!) with a bit more inking and a little bit of thin black satin ribbon with another skull snipped out from my skully cupcake paper.

Well, my gorgeous little man did awesome on his 'bike without stabilisers practice' today. We went out first thing this morning for a go and he got himself into his normal petrified state, luckily my mum came and cheered him up by bringing him his favourite treats, ooodles of fruit!!! (pears, oranges,apples, peaches,nectarines and bananas!!!) and as if the wasn't exciting enough, she bought us a cabbage that had a caterpillar on it too!! omg!!! he was sooo excited. (said caterpillar is now living in a spacious jam jar with a huge cabbage leaf with net over the top and is called 'greeney' "because he is green and caterpillary" says mo!!!! lol!!!) After all that and a yummy roast chicken dinner he was ready to try again!!! He went out all brave and hatted up, walked his bike round to the field near our house "because there is grass both sides for when i am falling off and need soft mummy" anyway here is a piccy of my little hero having a super duper ride without his stabilisers, I am sooo proud.


He was super elated with himself and has gone to bed so happy!!!! awwwwwww (and yes thats me in the background with my arms going up ready to cheer away!!!)

Right off to watch a film with scott now.

Big hugs

Lou xxxx

a couple of cards to share!!!

Morning everyone!!!

I had so much fun wombling around every bodies blogs in the Tiddly Inks blog hop last night, there were more to peek at this morning when I got up too and they were all awesome. I just want to thank everyone for their lovely comments on my creations, it means the world to us bloggers when we get a comment!!!
So while a card featuring the super cute vampboto is drying I thought I would post a couple of cards I have been fiddling with over the past couple of days.
This one is for my son's sister ( he is my stepson! but I love him like my own) she loves High school musical so it naturally had to be that!!! I wanted to match the card up to their clothes so red and white it was!!! A bit of inking, martha punching and a googled piccy and hey presto! one high school musical card for a 5 year old!!!! I think she will be chuffed with it as it has her name on!!!!
This one I made for a friend who needed a funky wedding card for her friend who she was going to be a bridesmaid for. The bridesmaid dresses were a bright pink colour so I went for a bit of bright pink in there and used the pear and swirly branch cut from joys of the season on my cricut. Now I can't take credit for turning the pears into peeps for a card, my inspiration came from a card I saw on the cricut mb around 3 years ago when I first got my cricut, I wish I know who made it but despite my good friend google searching for me, I couldn't find it. I loved the idea and it stuck in my head so big huge thanks to the lady who made the first one wherever you are xxxxxx
I am off to have a hot vimto, feeling a little rough today, not sure why but I feel a little achey all over, think a cold may be looming, urgh!!!! lol!!!
I will be back later with vampboto!!!!
Hugs Lou xxxxxxxx

Thursday 22 July 2010

Halloween is hoppin' at Tiddly Inks!!!

Morning peeps!

Its Halloween in July for the blog hop over on Tiddly Inks challenge blog and here is my super cute peek a boo bugg!!! Isn't she just the sweetest little bugg!!!
I coloured her up with my promarkers and then I used some of the super cute pumpkin freebies from the Tiddly Inks pcp group. I rolled my embosser around them a bit to make them all round and pumpkin bobbledy!!!!
I decided to make a little scene with her and popped her in a shadow box card. The papers are from a free download I got around 3 years ago!!

I cut a pumpkin shaped window by making my little pumpkin freebie a bit bigger and using him as a template, I kept his stalk and leave to decorate the front a bit!!
here's a little piccy of the popped up pumpkins!! awwwwww!!!

I drippy gooed the edges of the box with one of my martha's and added a bit of green basic grey fibre for good measure!!!!! lol!!!!

So here's the details for the blog hop if you all want to join in!!!

Theme: Halloween in July: Use a Tiddly Inks digital image to create a card or project and participate in the blog hop!!

Dates: 6 PM CST on July 22 to 6 PM CST on July 24
For more info on the blog hop pop over to the Tiddly Inks challenge blog.
Th prizes are exciting too!!

I made these 2 cards using some of my others tiddlies!!! I love the gothic cute ones and was in a stepper card kinda mood yesterday ( .....whilst I should of been ironing.....!!)
For this one I used the Briar - dogs are fun digi. I coloured her gently with a bit of blossom promarkers. Her cool twisted tree is from the twisted tree and silver moon papers set, her house ( which I lurve!!!) is the Home Sweet Home, I only did the slightest bit of shading with some cool greys on there, and the little skull with new home doodled on it is a skull cut from my Skully cupcakes paper, I trimmed it off the top of the cupcake!!! a bit of drippy goo and a ribbon with a key charm tied on and she was done, I love it!!!!

For this one I used the Happy couple digi. Not too much colouring on this one either, just some cool grey skin and a bit of claret. The LOVE background I cut on my cricut. A little bit of martha with the hearts and a little co-ordinating ribbon to match the bride with a heart charm finished it off a treat!!!!
We are having a lovely first day of the holidays morning here so far, me and little mo are having a pj day today. He has planned games and reading stories for today so just some lovely together time. He is very excited as we are going to fetch my friends dogs today from the kennels and take them home to play in their garden before my friends arrive home. He adores them.
Thank you for hopping in on me!!!!! off to womble around everyone else's entries now! see you all soon!!

big hugs Lou xxxx

Wednesday 21 July 2010

WANTED!!!! funkyhand dt peeps!!

Hello everyone!!!!

Well its that time of year again when Anice puts out the funkyhand dt call (and lou thinks ..oooh pick me, pick me,ooooh pick me a donkey from shrek styley!!!!) so I am trying out again.
Now for the hard part!!! I have to pick some of my fav cards, luckily for me my funky hand cd's figure in a lot of my creations!!! yey!!!!!!!!
Here's my picks!! ( ermmmmm, its picture heavy!! lol!! I couldn't decide which ones at all!!)

So there's a few of my funky bits!! I do love other stuff as well but my blog is full of that so please womble away through my posts!!!!
oooh and don't forget to check out my funky faux brads youtube post!!! It is my first video!!!
Got to go now as its crafty night with my big sis!!!
Wish me luck!!!
Lou xxxxx

Sunday 18 July 2010

I'm Back!!!!!!! with tiddly inks challenge 13! match it up!!

Hello everyone!!!

I have been a terribly bad blogger this last couple of weeks as I have been finishing off all the little peeps journals ready for me finishing work on friday.

I had a super last day, just a normal day which is what I wanted, and now I am looking forward to having some time with Little Mo over the holidays.

It was my midnight walk last night and I had such a fab time, we walked 6 miles for charity through the streets of Lincoln, including a great power walk up steep hill!!! for anyone who knows Lincoln, steep Hill is just as it is described!!!..... STEEP!!!! it didnt rain this year whichwas lovely and it was just so much fun walking with a group of my best friends and having a giggle. Car horns were beeping and people kept cheering at the huge mob of ladies doing the walk so it was lovely.

So yesterday in the daytime I was at the super fab cricut club that Fi has set up for us in Lincoln. I made my Tiddly inks challenge card.

This week the Tiddly Inks was 'Match it up', I had already coloured up my gorgeous everyday princess so it was jst a case of finding some matching coloured paper to go with her. I gave her some green bling on her crown.

Out came the stroke it only My minds eye bloom and grow paper!!! I love this paper,its so pretty!!!

I used my mini mongrams cart to make my scalloped circle and circle. The little flower I made using my friend Denise's scrunchy up the paper flower that she did at our other craft club and the little branches are Fi's new punch. The sentiment is out of my penny black wonderful clear set.

Right, I must dash as I have some searching to do for a stamp set that my bloggy friend Lou uses, its gorgeous and it is a an assortment of stitching stamps, if you look at Lou's blog her cards just look awesome. I may be lost in cyberspace for quite some time as I have nooooo clue what is was called!! lol!!! first stop google images!!!!!

thankyou for popping in on me, I love your comments.

Hugs Lou xxxx

Saturday 10 July 2010

my craft club makes!!!!

Hello everyone!!!

I have had a lovely day at craft club today. As usual, I didn't have a clue what to take so I took some of my favs including my tiddly inks, some lilyboo bits and some yummy papers!!!! I was hopeful I could do a nice bit of something with them!!!

Denise did us a fabby tutorial this morning to make the flower on my gorjuss girl card, I really enjoyed making that and I borrowed my friend Fi's punch to make myself some teeny ones too. They came out cute but I haven't plonked them on anything yet!!!!! The papers on this one are My Minds Eye, love them!!! and the superb sentiment stamp is one of the Cuddly Buddly round greetings rubber stamp set. I am so chuffed at how it finished off the card with the little faux brads on the scalloped circle. I coloured the heart to match my gorjuss girls dress.

I had time to do some boo-depage and used the cute little sweetie download for this card, the lovely argyle backing paper is from the pocketful of papers download.

I was also very excited as the new funkyhand cd, Colour me happy, came out today and I ordered that as soon as I had put little mo to bed. I can't wait for it to arrive. I also treated myself to the Funky Fella's paper pack. I can't believe I have never noticed it before but the papers in it look awesome.
We have 5 additions to our house today and they are the african snails that we are looking after for one of the children I was a nanny for. I still see them whenever I can and love them dearly so babysitting the snails duty came up last night when I went to work!! They were strapped carefully into the passenger seat of my car with the seatbelt in their tank last night and I popped them in the kitchen.
Well you have never heard so much excitement from my boys this morning!!!!! Little mo was absolutely over the moon with them and Ryan has been watching them all day!!!! I have been getting snail reports every 5 minutes from Ryan!!! he is 10 so a bit older than Mo and when the dad of the little boy whose snails they are said that the boys could have one or two they were so pleased!! Ryan has spent the last couple of hours looking for a tank on ebay!! I just think it is so lovely that the simplest things keep my boys happy!!! I will try and get some piccies of them holding them tomorrow to post. They are still relatively small but I know they get big as my brother had a huge one!!!!!
Right must go and finish my tiddly ink creation I have on the go!!!!
Thank you so much for popping in on me
hugs lou xxxxxx

Friday 9 July 2010


Morning peeps!

Its going to be another warm one here today!! I have resorted to canvas trousers and my open toed sandls for work as my feet were just way too hot yesterday!!! I feel more paddling in the tough spot with the little peeps coming on today!!!!
So over to the fab new boo- depage!!! I had so much fun doing these last week but due to having a few bad days I didn't get round to posting them. I am feeling a bit better now and coming out of the fog I think so here they are!!!!
I made them using the gorgeous new 3D decoupage available in the
Lilyboo Designs shop over on Cuddly Buddly. There are girls and boys which is super and Iwill be getting to work on the boys next!!!

I had never attempted decoupage like this before, ( I am more a couple of bits of paper piecing with my digi / rubber stamps girl!) but I absolutely loved doing these. All the layers are there on the download so all you need to do is get snipping!!!!
This one is the study girl. Just perfect for a thank you card now we are nearing the end of school term!!

Here we have the super cute cupcake girl. I just couldn't resist using the new pocketful of papers download on this one!!!

And this one just has to be my fav, the goregous little bird girl, also using some of the fab pocketful of papers, i love how they co-ordinate perfectly with the Lilyboo digi's and decoupage downloads.

Well I am going to make myself a cuppa and get myself going ( though I would rather be at Kat's disturbing the peace of her day off!!! am soooo jealous!!! ((hugs ))to kat xx!)

Mo is playing with hs baby born doll, Harry, and his baby annabel,annabel ( not much imagination for picking a new name there huh?!) teaching them how to go down the slide!! so I might even get to drink the whole cup in peace!!!

Big hugs
Lou xx

Thursday 8 July 2010

Tiddly Inks challenge 12- summer fun with water, sand and toys.

Hello peeps!!!

Well I have been a pants blogger this week. I just haven't been feeling myself but today I woke up feeling much more me!!!!

So I went out to my crafty garage and started working on my challenge card for Tiddly Inks 12th challenge which is summer fun with water, sand and toys. ( lou feels slightly guilty as while I was doing this little mo decided he needed to wash his slide in the garden, he did a super job but got my tea towel wet. He came into the craft room and said "mummy, it is just the 2 drawers I put stuff in isn't it? at which point mummy thinks uh? and says "mo, what are you doing baby?" to which mo replies " you know, the 2 drawers in the washing machine" I think omg and go with mo to see what he means, little mo opens the washing machine drawer and shows me where he put the powder and softener ,not a drop spilt might i add, i know i know you are thinking awwwwwww, but wait it gets better!!!
I look in the washing machine and he has been upstairs, got all the dirty washing from the pile, taken it down the stairs and put it in too. He says " i didn't want to waste the water on just my tea towel mummy so i gotted all the washing" Awwwwww!!! He is just awesome,i love this little guy so much.........and he is available for work at a fee of a packet of white chocolate buttons per wash load!!! romfl!!)
Anyway, enough about my little man and on to the job in hand......

Lucky me, I had been Tiddly shopping with little mo just a couple of days ago ( oooohhhhh there are loads of totally yummy new summer digi's.) and I had put this gorgeous little sandy memories digi, I love these cute little guys peeping out from behind their awesome sandcastle.

I printed them out twice and coloured up the bottom layer with my distress inks, then I cut out the sandcastle and their adorable little faces, coloured them and popped them on top with a bit of silicone.
I cut my card out from my wildcard cart and distressed it a little then I used my new magnolia swirly stamp (that Lou made me buy............:) ) and added a few swirls to look like waves of water. I love this swirly stamp too ( thanks Lou!!!)
Here's a little side view so you get the effect of swirly waves coming up to the sandcastle!!!

The cute little starfish and sand dollars came in the sandy memories too so I coloured them up to make me some little matching embellies!!! I added a little bit of crochet thread and knotted each end for some rope and popped a starfish on it to finish the card off.

I have to admit I am pretty smitten with this card, its just so sweet and it cheered me up so much making it whilst talking to one of my bf's with the telephone on loud speaker!!

Don't forget to pop over to the Tiddly Inks challenge blog to check out the amazing cards that the DT have made and join in with the fun!!! I love how cheery the summery cards make you feel. And huge congrats to Larissa for her card published in Hobbyzine xxxxx

Thank you for popping in on me,
Hugs Lou xxxx

Saturday 3 July 2010

A fantastic day!!

Well I have had a super day today.
First, I got driven to peterborough by my amazing hubby and dropped off for 2 hours of absolute heaven with Chris and Lou demo-ing at sir stampalot. I tell you, these 2 ladies are just amazing, they made some yummy projects while I was standing there watching in awe, it takes me forever to do one nice-ish thing but Chris and Lou do oodles!!! thank you so much ladies, it was so nice to meet you in person and I am looking forward to when we can all meet up again xxxx

So this little baby sized card is from one that Chris was making and the photo on it is to try and pull in what lou was doing with her gorgeous Tilda photo on a card card, can't wait to see it finished . Lou led me astray and made me buy a swirly magnolia stamp ( well, thats what I told scott anyway!!!! he, he he ,he!!!!)

I had already started my ric rac challenge piece for the UK cricut crafters group over on papercraft planet but when I saw Chris make the tiddly litle step card I just had to have a go.

I love this picture. It is my great great Aunt Audrey and Uncle Dave in what was then thier pub, The royal oak in knaphill ,woking. Sadly Uncle Dave is no longer with us but Aunt Audrey is so this is a little gift for her. She is a bit poorly at the moment and rather old so will be pleased with a little bit of something I think. I added a couple of martha fronds and a paper flower being as I don't yet own the gorgeous cuttlebug quilled flowers die that Chris was using today. Omg, if you ahven't got one, you need it, its fab, of course you will also need to purchase Chris to make them but the die will be a start!! romfl!!!!

Heres a piccy from the side.

And here are the men in my life watching the aeroplanes that are at waddington airshow which is just across the field from my house. Mind you, Mo would only watch the quiet old ones, he took cover in the house or his tent for the big ones!!!

I try to get a photo of them every year watching the planes, same old scafollding but bigger little boy!!!
Thankyou for popping in on me, I love visitors!!
hugs Lou xxxxxx

Friday 2 July 2010

I am so so very excited!! Lilyboo's are in rubber!!

Morning Everyone!!!
Well I have come to the conclusion that this week cannot possibly get any better!!!!
I have had a lovely week at work enjoying the fab weather with the little peeps, the planes have started to arrive and practice for waddington airshow ( which is right over the field from my house) and i love watching them is not too keen on the loud ones !!)

But the best bit of all this week has to be this.....

This is just so exciting for Sam ( and me too!!) , we both just keep peeking at the picture with disbelief!!!!!! Now none of this would of been possible without the amazing help and encouragement of Kim over on Cuddly Buddly, she is just awesome.

And whats even more exciting is that Kim has them 3 of them up for grabs in her 3 for free july blog candy over on the Cuddly Buddly blog. so pop over and leave a commment for your chance to win some!!!
...... and these are what will be coming soon!!!

Oh I am just so excited!!! They just look so awesome!!!

Thank you for popping in on me!!!!! Happy friday!!! Hugs Lou xxxxx

Thursday 1 July 2010

woyww- a day late and oh so much mess!!!

So here is the explosion of debris that is Lou creating!!! omg, all this for one card?!!!! romfl!! and not even time for a choccy bar this week ( lou falls to ground and thinks to self...must have 2 tonight to make up for this!! )

Morning everyone!!!

Yep I am a day late with my WOYWW post this week. I had so much to do last night with team Boo's summer break being finished today and needing to get the new challenge up and posted for this morning that I just didn't get time to post my WOYWW.

....and here is the card is question!!!! it is my DT card for the summery challenge over on Lilyboo Too's challenge blog!!

I made the flower myself, it came out sooooo cute and I coloured my girl with flowers digi up so she matched the backing paper, The fern leaf is my new die from little claires and of course a bit of martha for good measure!!!

I will be looking forward to popping on on peeps tonight when I have finished up a wedding card I have been working on for a friend. Don't forget to pop over to Julia's blog and see if anyone else is as messy as me!!!
Off to get ready for work now, 2 weeks to go and I have soooo much to sort out and do before my summer break with little Mo!!
Thank you for popping in on me!!
Lou xxxx