Friday 30 June 2017

Tug of War........

Image- Tug of War from Kenny K stamps.
Skin- burnt orange, coral, sunkissed pink and blush.
Greens- olive green and pear green.
Yellows- Mustard and tulip yellow.
Blues- midnight blue,denim blue and pastel blue.
Morning everyone!

wahooo for Friday!! I get a date day with Scott because its his Friday off ..... well...when I say date I mean we get to hang out a little this morning and then he gets to take me to the hospital for my ECG ultrasound and then my Picc Line flush and dressing change but hey, at least we get to do it together!! he he he!!!

And..the 30th June has arrived here in the UK so for me it's a squidge of a sad day since Kenny K Stamps it's closing the shop today. I have loved these images for so long. But I am super excited for Kenny and Elena to have a new page of their lives starting with Kenny being able to just roll along with his other business with no worries and Elena being able to channel herself into her gorgeous's a winning situation really as I have all my images tucked cosy in my pooter to use whenever I need to.

Right, I need to scoot!! I need to go pop this little cutie in the challenge over on Passion for Promarkers which is sporting occassions and get me a cup of tea and some breakfast.

Wednesday 28 June 2017

Doo Hickey 14...Afternoon Tea.......

Dies- Doo Hickey 14, Afternoon Tea from Swedish House Crafts.
Stamp- Magnolia Tea Label.
Stamp-  from Swedish House Crafts.
Papers- First Edition 6x6 Love Story pad.
Morning everyone!

I hope you are all waking up to a wonderful wednesday. I am hoping to have a fabulous day of crafty fun today but first a cuppa and apricot conserve on toast calls!!! got to sort the hungry bear Lou tummy out first right??

Talking of tea, I was sooo excited to get my Doo Hickey 14 Afternoon Tea set. It is full of such cuteness! and of course, I had to get that set into action yesterday!! I was so blessed to of got it from Suha over at Swedish House Crafts. She super looks after her customers and when it came without its early bird die she would not send it out until it had been rectified and then because she just rocks, she sent the gorgeous Magnolia Tea Label stamp with it. I LOVE that stamp sooo much!! It's from the Yummy for my Tummy collection but lets face it, Magnolia stamps never get old and always work together just dreamily. I just had to colour and glossy accent up my lil strawberries on it!! too cute!!!

To make their little eyes stand out a bit more I dry embossed the back of them with an embossing tool and then distress inked them a teensy bit. It makes them look so much more alive ( does in Lou world anyway!! he he!!). 

For the tea bag die cut Icovered the card with a little gauze to make it look more tea baggy! can you tell I was in for uber fun yet?! lol! there is a die to cut a lovely string for it but I wanted an actual string so I used a little bit of cotton twine.

Right, my tummy is totally grumbling for something yummy now so I need to go feed the bear!!! Have a wonderful day everyone, thank you for popping in. HUgs Lou xxx

Tuesday 27 June 2017

Ellie says Happy Birthday....

Morning everyone!!

I am popping in today with my Tiddly Tuesday make! I have always been a firm fan of my Tiddly Tuesday make. Its so special for me to have a day to dedicate to sharing one of these stunning little characters from Christy every week. It's a MASSIVE honor for me to be one of the rocking chair members of the DT and I adore every image just as I have from the start so time to pootle along on a little make with them is always soul healing and I soooo needed that on sunday because I felt soooo sick with chemo treatment.

I have been getting out my clear stamp versions of Tiddly Inks recently. I love that there are some gorgeous new ones out now, oh my gosh, they are all too awesome!! I can't wait to add them to my draw of Tiddly Inks stamps...yup...I have loads but seriously, who could resist some Christy Croll cuteness????? 

I paper pieced Ellie's hat, dress and shoes so they all matched...too cute!!! and then popped her up on some foam on the front of the card base so she stood out a little. I have a thing for sequins at the minute too. Knowing where to place them is a bit hit and miss but they do have a party kinda feel about them.

Last night I managed a little time sat outside to play with Mo and my BF. I knew I was kinda tired from chemo but the fresh air and a raspberry slush puppie from the ice cream man was way too alluring for this chicka!! but when it was time to come in, the funny stuff started!! ......picture a wobbly legged. blue tongued bald chick trying to walk the 10 metres to her front door from the kerb where she had been chillaxin!!! oh my, it was hilarious!!! My left leg gave way to the jelly feeling totally and my right leg wasn't that much better!! Poor Scott and BF had to support me along the path and then I crawled into the house!! bwah ha ha ha!!! oh peeps!! this chemo stuff is giving me some hilarious new experiences in life!!!

Today I am feeling ok, still very sore joints from my white blood cell injections but not so wibbly wobbly so thats a plus sign!! and on my desk...I have Top Secret colouring that I am sooooo excited I might burst about but I have to keep my mouth zipped for a few more days!! oh my gosh....soooo exciting!! 

Thank you for popping in and looking at a Lou waffling on!! huge hugs for you all xxxx

Monday 26 June 2017


Image- Forest.
(...did ya'll know Forest is free???!!!)
Printable Acetate from Swedish House Crafts.
Papers- Kaisercraft True Love.

Morning everyone!

I was so excited last week because I got some printable acetate!! oh my!! I danced through the house when it arrived because I knew I would be able to make this super cute magic colour slider with it!!
( excitement please remember to flip your Forest Bear when you print him on the rough side of your printable acetate or he will be the wrong way round when you make up your card and you will need to flip and colour up another Forest Bear so it is facing the right way when you magic slide your card....he he he he!!!!)

But seriously, how cute is this bear? I absolutely adore him and he absolutely sends the most gorgeous message to remind us to look after our earth properly.

And here he is in action! (Please excuse my hand wobbliness when trying to open and close the card, my chemo and a sebaceous cyst infection in my armpit has made me quite worn out the last week or so so I've had the wibbly wobbles!!).

Thank you for popping in on me, huge hugs Lou xxx

Thursday 22 June 2017

A heart for you Tilda...........

Stamp- A heart for you Tilda from Swedish House Crafts.
Papers and embellies- Luxury maja sofiero gift box from The Ribbon Girl.

Good morning peeps!!

I am flying in with a bloggy post this morning before I go to my Pelvic core exercise class because I am soooo excited about this card!!

I received a stunningly beautiful birthday gift from my dear friend Wendy and tucked within it was a surprise gift from the wonderful Mary and Andrea from The Ribbon Girl.

I cannot put into words how much it lifted my spirits the day it arrived. A girl needs a lift now and again and this one was better than a wonder bra I tell you. Now, I have to admit, I have spent a week stroking this package before I could even bring myself to get in there!!! it's sooooo pretty!!!
Luxury Maja Sofiero Gift Box feel my pain at using it now don't you?!!!! oh my!!! but I had just the stamp I wanted to use with all that deliciousness!! 

I treated myself to the whole collection of Lovely Emojis Tilda's from Swedish House Crafts a few weeks ago....well, they were too cute to miss and Suha always does amazing deals with new collections that are too good to miss so how could a girl resist?!!! 

A good old bit of Lou splodging colour on, die cutting and paper oohing and ahhhhing later and I was done. There is nothing better than crafting with your friends in your mind the whole time, that way it is a card full of love. 

Right, I need to shift this butt of mine and get ready for the school run and restoring this pelvic core of mine! I am absolutely loving my class so far. It's so good to do stuff just for you once in a while and that hour with my trainer, Lisa, is just fabulous. I have learnt so much in my 2 weeks so far. Hopefully I will be able to go onto to do Pilates after this class but starting off small while I am recovering from surgery and pootling along in my chemo is just perfect.

Thank you for popping in and huge hugs for you all, Lou xxxx

Wednesday 21 June 2017

Super Dad!

Image- Danger Dad from KennyK Stamps.
Sentiment- Love your Dad sentiments by KennyK stamps.
Morning everyone!!

I almost forgot I hadn't popped my amazing Dad's Fathers Day card on my bloggy yet!! I know a few days have passed but I didn't want you all to miss out on getting this image before the Kenny K Stamps shop closes down so I thought I'd get it on quick!!

My Dad lives in the Seychelles so he had his card facetime'd to him this year (....because it would be an actual miracle if I remembered to post it a month before so it gets there on time!!!!!) .

I teamed up my images with some of my fave super hero papers. Now! don't forget....

So, the sale is too good to miss! all digital images are just $1 and the clear stamp sets are $3.99!!  (all discounts are applied at checkout) so quick! go get them before its too late! the shop closes on Friday June 30th.

Right, got to scootaroo! I need to get mo's pack up sorted and then do the school run because today is check up day with my oncologist before chemo on friday.

Huge hugs and thank you for popping in, Lou xxx

Tuesday 20 June 2017

Wryn's Panda notes............

 Stamp- Wryn's Panda clear stamp set from Tiddly Inks.

Morning everyone!

I hope you are all waking up to a nice cool tuesday!!! I am up bright and early because it's too hot here for me! lol! I am such a heat wuss! its been 28c at it's hottest over the last few days here and I feel like I have melted!!!!

Yesterday I gave myself some Tiddly Inks Time!! he he!! and I wasn't in the mood for making a card, I fancied something a bit different and fun so I decided to decorate up a little notebook I had kicking around in my craft room! and I was in an actual ink it up and stamp it mood too so I went for my Wryn's Panda clear stamp set. Some days you just have to splodge some actual ink on gorgeous stamps and stamp them out and of course, Tim Holtz's stamp platform just had to be used (it seriously rocks peeps, I love it.)

I had these neat little clear boxes left from my gorjuss girls mini stamps packaging and they uber rock as shaker boxes so i filled them with a few sequins and cut out some of the flowery circles from the scrap pieces of the base mat design paper I used to cover the front of the book. You can see them floating around in the box in the top piccy up there.

And inside I attached a little ribbon as a page marker and stamped out the cute little 'Beary Sweet' sentiment that comes in the set with the little panda head on...I so LOVE that stamp!!!! it's just too cute!!

And it was done! so cute and a super fun way to spend an hour playing in my craft room when outside was wayyyyy to hot for me!!

Today is bloods day so I need to go and visit my vampires...nurses at the Dr's surgery. The results then pootle off to my oncologist consultant for my appointment tomorrow so he can tell me if I am well enough for my next dose of chemo on friday. I am super duper lucky because he is so lovely.

Right, I think a cup of tea may be in order!! My mouth feels like a desert after a sandstorm!! thank you so much for popping in, huge hugs Lou xxxx

Monday 19 June 2017

Fairy Nest..........

Image- Fairy Nest.
Hi everyone! 
It's Lou in for you this morning with a make using the uber sweet Fairy Nest. Look at these little cuties all sat in their cosy nest watching the world go by! I adore the way they are all watching their own little bit of the world! I decided to give them a swooshy magical looking kinda glow around the nest.

The papers are from a pad called Love Story that my beautiful friend Jenny sent me in an amazing package of crafty bits she had been clearing out. Oh my! the box was jam packed full of so many beautiful bits and I can't wait to use some more of them.

Chemo week has crept around quickly for me again so I am going to fully enjoy getting a few bits made using the gorgeous box of bits this week before treatment day on friday!! though to be fair, I feel fine friday, saturday and a bit of sunday. My steroids keep me going but the fluey yuck tender joints feeling tends to grab me by the big girl pants by the sunday evening so there will be a little chilling out Lou going on then I think!! I only have 3 more chemo's in total to go now and then it will just be the care team nurse coming to my house to do my herceptin injection once chemo ends.

And don't forget!! there's still plenty of time to shop your socks off in Mo's Summer Sale!!


Thank you so much for popping in on me. Huge hugs Lou xxx

Wednesday 14 June 2017

Unicorn Fairy......

Image- Unicorn Fairy from my Saturated Canary Subscription.

Hi everyone!

So somehow my gorgeous little niece has managed to almost get to 12?? (..I am not actually sure how it happened because I could actually swear her and Mo are still teeny right?!!!) and I knew just which special image I wanted to use for her card.

I went right for my Unicorn Fairy from my Saturated Canary Subscription. She is just so gorgeous. I love getting my images from my subscription each month, it's like a super sweet surprise to wake up to when they come into my inbox because I never know what they are going to be.

Of course, I needed to get a whole lot of kisses onto that card and the best way to do it was with my cross stitch circle stax die from MFT stamps.The little tag and sentiment are Taylored Expressions.

Right, I need to make some fathers day cards! so far I have managed to hoover the whole house, get the dogs settee cover washed and hanging on the line to dry and do a few of my pelvic floor exercises and listen to spotify!! so onto the dad's card making time needs to be top of the list now really!!

Thank you for popping on me, huge hugs Lou xxx

Tuesday 13 June 2017

Ellie says Hi....

Stamp- Ellie says Hi clear stamp set from Tiddly Inks.
Hi everyone!

Well I still can't resist myself a Tiddly Tuesday!! and let's be honest, there's no cuter way to spend a tuesday really is there?!!!

It actually took me a good while to decide which gorgeous clear stamp to ink up but then the little Lou cogs got whirring on an idea and I knew just who I needed for the job!

The last few months have been crazy with election talk, terrorism, people being unkind and I wanted to make something with love and peace in mind.

I made the sentiment up in word and then sized it so it would fit snuggly on my little tag die. Then it was a case of finding some nice bright papers to go with those gorgeous little rainbow hearts. I love how this turned out so much.

Right, time for a cuppa I think...or at least something warm and wet! My mouth gets so sore and dry in the night at the moment that my tongue actually kinda 'sticks' to the top of my mouth!! You've seen the 'water,water' scenes in many a desert set movie right? well, thats me when I wake up!! bwah ha ha ha ha!!!

Thank you for popping in on me, huge hugs Lou xxxx

Sunday 11 June 2017

Sailor boy........

Image- Sailor Boy Set.
Papers- Beach Cottage from Pink Petticoat.
Hi everyone!

I'm in for you today with my monday Dream Team make and I just couldn't resist colouring up a little guy from this stunning Sailor Boy Set.............
They are all just too cute right?!!!

I absolutely adore this set. I think this little make would be perfect for fathers day that's coming up soon....the only problem you'll have is choosing which one to colour up!! and of course, there's those gorgeous Beach Cottages papers from Pink Petticoat. They were just right for the job!!

And don't forget!! there's still plenty of time to shop your socks off in Mo's Summer Sale!!


Tomorrow I am having something super exciting done! we are having new laminate flooring put down in our porch, lounge and kitchen. Our old floor was 12 years old and looking really rather battered so we bit the bullet and decided to get a new one.

So today Scott and I muddled through both feeling unwell ( my poor gorgeous Scott woke up with a vertigo attack and it took him 3 hours to be able to move without the room spinning for him and I feel rather tender from all the picc line trauma's of the week!!) to remove all of the old floor, underlays and skirting boards so the man coming to fit the new one can just get straight on with his job with no hassle. Mo was an absolute super star and helped me get all the kitchen and some of the porch done whilst Scott tried to get himself well.

Right, I must pootle off! Mo is making cheese scones at school tomorrow and wants to measure out his ingredients with me! He LOVES his cookery lessons so much, he said he will be sad when that part of technology class is done.

Thank you for popping in, huge hugs Lou xxx 

Saturday 10 June 2017

Kenny K close down.......

Images- Brianna Blaster from Kenny K stamps.
Morning everyone!

I'm pootling onto my blog this morning with a kinda sad for me, yet happy post! After years of supplying us with stunning images, Kenny K stamps is closing down. That's the sad bit. The happy bit is that Kenny and Elena are closing to focus on Kenny's new work and their gorgeous little family, what could be a better reason to take a step back? and to thank everyone for supporting them for so many years they are having the best blow out sale I have seen!!

So, the sale is too good to miss! all digital images are just $1 and the clear stamp sets are $3.99!! wowzers right?!!! (all discounts are applied at checkout) so quick! go get them before its too late! the shop closes on Friday June 30th.

I started my love of Kenny K images all the way back in 2010 with Christmas Hottie and Racy Roxie but my absolute favourites are the stunning steampunk images, oooooh I do so love those! and I have been so super blessed to of been GDT for Elena since May this year and to be with them on their last weeks open means so much to me. I feel very honored.

My card today features Brianna Blaster and Col.Macallon. They just go so cool together so a bit of merging fun just had to be had! I am so pleased I have these cuties to stay in my digital image collection forever. Thank you so much Kenny and Elena xxx

well I've had a doozy whoozy of a week with Picc Line problems!! The line had gotten itself a little too far into my heart which made me feel really unwell, taking a breath was so hard and painful so off to A&E I went. It was a mammoth day! 2 ECG's, chest x-ray, a cannula in my finger, full bloods, pain medication, CT scan with another cannula expertly put into a very nervous me in the scan room, PICC line pulled out by 3cms due to it sitting in my heart, PICC line redressed and cannulas removed and sent home all in 6 hours.

And it was ok then.....until I had to go and get it flushed on the medical day unit ( I have to get it flushed weekly with saline and heparin to stop it blocking up). Somewhere in the flushing and redressing the line managed to move back in and by thursday night I was feeling rough again. Luckily my fabulous oncology team had already rung and asked me to go back in for a check up xray so off we went yesterday to get that done! once the results came back my chemo nurses (who I blooming adore, they just rock, like seriously rock) told me that it had slipped back in again and was making me poorly again so they needed to move it out some more. They went to see my consultant who showed them where it was and where it needed to be and they taped it down twice for good measure!! and then re dressed me so I am feeling much better again today!!

What a palava!! he he he!!! right, I'm off to see my grandad today for a couple of hours so I best get my booty moving! thank you for popping in on me! huge hugs, Lou xxxxx

Tuesday 6 June 2017

Tiddly Inks challenge #202...Make it Rectangle...

Pull tab sentiment- Lawn Fawn Push here.

It's time for another fun challenge over on the Tiddly Inks Challenge Blog and this month the Tiddly Inkers want you to think.....

Make it rectangle!

 So think rectangle card/project bases! 

 (**remember...We love to see any new creation, a card, 3D project, journal page etc 
but you must use a Tiddly Inks stamp or image **)

I could not resist another Magic Slider card make, oh my do I love this die set for super cuteness!! and to go with slider cuteness, I went for one of my fave clear stamp sets.... Wryn Berry Sweet clear stamp set.
This is how this lil cutie opens....eeeeep! I csn't get over how much I adore this magic!!! sooo cute!

It's a bit grey and wet here today so I think I am going to spend a little time in my craft room today. My chest is a little sore and tight from my chemo so making some stuff will be a welcome distraction!! I am still finding the Picc Line a bit of a tricky experience! lol! it feels sooooo strange just sitting there and it's still quite sore from the bruising and bits around having it put in, so I have made myself a little cover with an old long sleeve t-shirt and re-named it Picc-akchu to cheer myself up!! 

Right, time for a warm drink and to get the Mo-ster bundled off to school.

Huge hugs and thank you's for popping in on me, Lou xxxx

Sunday 4 June 2017


Image- Pigeons.
Pigeon Papers- from Vinthstock on Etsy.
Hi everyone!

I'm in for you today with a bit of a super special make for me because Maurie drew this image for me. My Grandad had a car accident last year and has been quite poorly since so I wanted to make him a super special card to let him know how special he is to me.

My Grandad breeds and races pigeons and I asked Maurie if she could draw me a senior man with pigeons and oh boy did she deliver, I just absolutely love him. So click on the piccy below to pop into the store and get him for yourself, he is just magic.

So I went with a little 'hello' kinda card because they are always the loveliest when you are not expecting anything in the mail. It was such a welcome escape from feeling a bit rough from chemo today.

So on thursday I was 40! and I had my Picc Line fitted at 9am in the morning for a present! lol!! there I was in my pretty birthday Calvin Klein dress getting all kitted out with a Powerpicc solo 2 catheter!!! I know how to rock a birthday right?!!!

Now, I've got to be honest and say I'm finding it kinda tricky to get used to but it did make chemo a lot easier on friday as we didn't have the whole try and find a vein trauma to go through so that was a lovely bonus!!

Right. I am going to attempt to do a little bit of gardening now, just a teeny bit. I bought 3 lavenders and some trailing lobelia from the car boot sale this morning so I want to get them in to catch the rain that looks like it is going to happen soon!!

Huge hugs and thank you for popping in, Lou xxxx

Thursday 1 June 2017

Happy Birthday Puddin' !

Image- Derby Girl from Mo's Digital Pencil.
Morning everyone!

We are moving and shaking with the times and moving for DP2 challenges over to our Mo's Digital Pencil Challenges over on Facebook and the new challenge starts today!! and the super fun part about the new page is that there are fabulous mini challenges posted by Maurie herself as well as our monthly one so if you love challenging yourself, it will be the perfect group to join!!

Our linky tool with Inlinkz has become too expensive to justify having it as our link provider for your stunning makes so you will still see the challenge start days posted here and all the info both here and on the new facebook page,but entries will only be accepted on Mo's Digital Pencil Challenges over on Facebook .

Playing along is still super simple! If you are not a member of Mo's challenge page already, pop in on this link and 'like' the page (make sure you click to get the notifications too so you don't miss anything!). Find our current challenge post, ( this post will be bumped daily for you all so easy to find) and add your make in the comments below the challenge post.

**please note...challenge rules still apply, they are listed below**

So now all that explaining is over, its time to explore your Mo's Digital Pencil images in your own way!! its.....

 Anything Goes with a Mo Image

                             Winners prize: a $5.00 voucher for Mo's online store.

Remember to follow Mo's Challenge Rules ...
use at least one Mo Manning image...
NEW creations only! (No back linking)...
And, please, only ONE entry per person!

And here to get you going are Lou and Pat with their makes for the challenge. Please make sure you pop on over to the challenge page to get inspiration from other entrants, you are all so amazing and we don't want you to miss all that scrumminess!!

I needed to make me a birthday cake!! and of course being a little Harley Quinn obsessed, Derby Girl was the only image for me!! I coloured her up Harley-ish and with Mo's permission I added a little black heart to her cheek then I made myself a big ole vat of acid from cake and buttercream, added some oozy green acid icing and off course the red and blue swirl from the movie when Harley is brought back to the top by The Joker! eeeeeeep! I love it!! the colours of the layers are red, blue and white for Harleys hair, green for The Joker and black for the bad!! of course!!!oh and sparkler 40 is a must too right?!!!! Here is a closer piccy of my lil Derby Girl Harley all coloured up!

No automatic alt text available.
 and a better view of the cake from a bit higher up...

Now it's over to you!!
You have until 12am BST on Wednesday 5th July 2017 to link up your project on Mo's challenge page, pop in on this link !
**please remember- ONE ENTRY ONLY**