Sunday 10 March 2019

Mummu's Bike...

 Image- Mummu's Bike.
Hi everyone!

I am sneaking into my blog and sharing a Mummu make. She really is my favourite Mo's Digital Pencil character, she is just so sweet and looks like she would be the best grammy out there. I adore her. It's for my Dream Team make for tomorrow...but you all know me...I get excited and end up sharing them right away!!! lol!!!

For today's make, I printed her out on my normal colouring paper and then twice more on a normal piece of paper. I then stuck 2 of the scraps of paper I had left from the card base onto the 2 printed out on normal paper ones so I could paper piece her clothing to match the box. I love doing that!!

Here's a look at the dimension in the box...

 And another quick peek from the other side too!!...

Isn't she just the sweetest image???? 

I've had a much better Sunday so far this week. I got up and did my workout, Pyramid Ladder today, that pooped me out!! lol!! so I had a shower and then brekkie and then we sneaked out in the car to surprise my big sister with a visit. I loved doing that, she is so wonderful and I really wanted to see her. I am trying to fill my Sunday's up a little more to keep myself from that Facetime with Dad feeling.

We nipped to Ikea afterwards. We had a little bit of lunch and then picked up some paper and a dispenser for Mo because he loves making little bits and bobs so much with paper and I picked up some freezer bags. Nothing exciting but it felt so lovely to go for a drive, surprise my big sister, have a little lunch and a very quick womble and then drive home.

This afternoon I had a wonderful time making this little card and now I am going to get my PJs on snuggle on the settee for a little while before I turn into bed for the night.

Thank you for popping in, hugs Lou xxx