Sunday 17 May 2015

Tale of a tail....

Tale of a tail Wryn from the clearwater fundraiser.
Background- Map my Life! from Tiddly Inks.
Morning all!!

How are you all this morning? we had a super duper busy day yesterday sorting a few bits out for home and then I fell asleep with Mo again!! lol!! so I had to blog this as soon as I got the big pooter on this morning!!!

Alyce over at Kit and Clowder is having a big fundraising celebration party this weekend and in all the party goodness there is a little fundraiser just for Clearwater Marine Aqaurium where winter the dolphin lives. Just look at this!!!

Now, the little man in our house has been obsessed with Winter ever since he saw Dolphin Tale and often pops in to watch her on what he calls Wintercam!!! so obviously when it came to the donation options, he wanted to get all 3 so he could give as many pennies as he wanted for the aquarium.

Of course, my absolute favourite was the little wryn Tale of a tail image drawn by Christy Croll from Tiddly Inks. I used the .png version so that I could add her onto Christy's awesome Map My Life! paper, its just perfect for a sea and mermaid theme so I just had to use it!!

Then it was just a case of adding a few die cuts and some of mine and little Mo's mini sea shell stash from the beach!! we LOVE collecting these teeeny shells in summer walks along the shoreline. He always goes for the teeny ones because he thinks they are more magical and I have to agree!!

Right, go to get a shifty on!! tonnes of ironing to do and a bit more tidying while Scott gets to work boxing the boiler in after all our disasters this week!!

Huge Hugs Lou xxx