Monday 16 June 2014

A pion shoe...yes please!!!

Morning everyone!!!

I bet you all sigh when you get to monday and you know its Lou posting day!!! but oooooh I had so much fun making my DT make for today!!

I had some very extremely stroke only Pion Designs papers to use ( link up under the first photo) and the 12x12 sheet of deliciousness was way too gorgeous to just plomp on a card Lou style I decided I just had to go for something more oh la la!!!

I used a shoe cutfile I have had for a while and went for it. I am not sure I have ever been so careful with a piece of cardstock as I was with this one! I did the entire shoe and all its decoration with one sheet and had enough left over to make a matching tag!! go me!!!

 The little pearly stamens and the brown organza ribbon are from my Lou stasheroo. Here's the back of the shoe...
And here's underneath. I used my sil DE software to make the age look like a continental shoe size and the name look like a shoe designer!! lol!! daft Lou!!!
Thank you for popping in!! I am still at work as this posts but will be home and snuggled in bed in an hour or so!!! I finish at 7am!!! bath and snuggles with Mo then bed!!! Scott is driving Mo to school this morning so I can just relax and not worry about being sooo sleepy on the school run,it worries me greatly driving when I am so tired so Scott has jiggled his work hours, he's a super star!
hugs Lou xxx