Monday 28 October 2013

I love you Rabbit.....

Morning everyone! 

I haven't done a Gorjuss make in a little while so I decided it was time to get on that on saturday and had a wonderful time playing in my craft room and making this.

I have had this stamp for ages and not inked it up so I was really pleased to have a play. The bunny is coloured up to match the colours of my friend Charlotte's bunny who sadly died last week :( this is the gorgeous Bella....
But I didn't want it to be a card that just got put aside because it wasn't multi function!! so I turned it into.... a desk calendar!!
 Charlotte really liked it and sent me a message to say she is going to pop it on her desk at work and that Bella often came up to her the same way as the bunny in the picture. Its so nice to just make a little surprise for your friends.
 So, there have been tears and sicky tummy feelings this morning...and that was just me!!! the little guy however, he seems quite excited about his first day at his new school! ( ...and thanks to Mr clock change he has been ready since 5:10am.........) so I am super hopeful he will have a wonderful first day  today!
please excuse my rubbishy phone camera!!! I love how he has had his backpack on a while and it is totally empty!!!!!

Right got to go! I have a cheesy sandwich to make for a little guys pack up!!

Have a great day everyone! 
huge hugs Lou xxx