Wednesday 23 July 2014

Divas by Design challenge blog...Favourite colours with a magnolia stamp...

Stamp- Summer Flower Tilda.
Papers- Nitwits FBQ Bear Necessities.

Morning everyone!! 
Its time for a new challenge over on the Divas by Design challenge blog and this weeks is just the bomb!! my total fav!!  So our challenge this week is.... 

Favourite Colour Combination with 
your Magnolia stamps!

This week we are again so lucky to be sponsored by the brilliant Magnolialicious

Perfect challenge right?! I was sooo excited about it because I bought myself some gorgeous stamps from my friend Teresa who is having a good old crafty clear out ( you can find the stamps she is selling here, there are magnolia's, whiff of joy, LOTV, and lots of yumminess!!)

So my fav colour combo ever is brown, pink and blue, and I use it allllllllll the time!!!! I decided to go for a good old colour on the Kraft session yesterday. I would love to say I had planned to do that but I didn't!! its just that when I hurriedly opened my envelope from teresa with my new stamps in I quickly put aside the edwin I had coloured in (..its ok peeps, he didn't cry....!!) and stamped out my new summer flower tilda on the nearest bit of cardstock I had to hand!!! he he he!! I had been pootling away cutting out easel card bases for Mo to make his teachers thank you cards so there were 6 little kraft card squares ready for stamping on!!! she came out so cute!!

A few flowers splodged on and she was done. This one is for Scott's mum's birthday, get me all organised!!!!

So today is Mo's last day as a year 4. I must admit to finding it all a bit emotional this morning and having a bit of a mummy cry in the car on the way home!! and its all down to the amazing teaching team at his school. Its such a far cry from where we were this time last year. I have gone from having a little boy who was beside himself with worry and tears each morning to having a little boy who informed me this morning that "just the weekend off would be good enough and he would go back to school on monday please?"

Relief, happiness, a feeling of acceptance of his Mo-ness and just general awesome teachers has got us to this place in just a few months. My mum made the teachers a lemon drizzle cake which Mo happily covered with icing flowers!!! he sat and thought about his favourite qualities of his favourite 3 teachers last night as he wrote in their cards and he chose their presents all by himself in true Mo style! red nail varnish and a candle holder for his teacher and TA 2 because they wear red nail varnish mummy" and  a hair clip for his headteacher " because thats what she does have in her hair" ! I love that he picks up on the things that are a bit different! its funny and cute too!! Scott and I bought them all 4 vanilla candles each for being the light for us at a time that truly felt dark. I am so grateful to them all.

Right time for a cuppa and a good old bit of crafting! the sun is shining, my heart is full and happy and I am just on cloud 9 today!

Have a great day everyone, sending you all huge hugs
Lou xxx