Thursday 19 February 2015

First birthdays............

Image- Two Little Lambs from Mo's Digital Pencil.
Papers- DCWV The birthday wishes stack.
Morning all!!

oooooh I do love babies and birthdays!! he he he!! I have a first birthday coming up next week for 2 gorgeous lilttle girlies. I made their welcome to the world card with Mo Mannings Twin Girls so naturally I had to do a bit of begging with Da Boss to get me some new 1 year old ones drawn for their first birthday and oh my golly gosh did she rock it totally!!

How amazingly cute are these little girlies??? like sooooooo cute!!! so they got printed out, coloured and diamond stickled on their dress hems last night, while they were drying their stickles I floofed around on a card base and then whilst Mo has been in his bath this morning I got them finished off with some flowers and cuteness!!! awwwwww!

Now, inside needed to be special, like their first card I wanted their Big Sis and Bro on the inside so...... did not hide this card quick enough before Mo got out of his bath and saw it and it has now been stolen by Mo for him to give to them!!!! pmsl!! lesson learned for not putting the card in a hiding place quick I'll just have to colour up these super cuties again for me and Scott to have a card to give!! wohoooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Right, off to dope the boy up with calpol for the day, he has stinky cold and cough back...grrrrrr!! and its a bit of a totally yuck day out there at the minute so we will wrap up cosey and get some fresh air with a little walk around the block when the calpol kicks in. Fresh air is so good for sick little dudes, even if its only a quick 30 min walk and then movie day afterwards!

I have got some butter warming in the kitchen so I can make him so little butterfly fairy cakes this doubt I will get help and the will resemble zombies eyeballs instead but as long as he is having a fun school break I don't mind one little bit!!

Thank you for popping in
huge hugs for you all
Lou xxx