Saturday 29 March 2014

Tilda for Mothers day...

Stamp- Tilda blowing kisses.
Crafting magnets from Guys Magnets.
Afternoon peeps!!

I hope you have all had...or depending on time zoneage, are waking up to.... a wonderful saturday.
I have had a super day. We went into town for Mo to spend his £5 treat for having such a wonderful week at school (he chose the new Captain Underpants book...and has read it all already...and 2 Lego mini figures....he got Shakespeare so he was super happy!!) and then we met Scott's mum and dad for lunch...and I was really excited because I got to give her her mothers day bag card early!! 

I was especially happy yesterday because I realized on wednesday that I had run out of my magnets that I make these little bags with (..on the piccy below you can just see one on the underside of the bag lid and and the front of the bag) big panic and then calm as I found some at Guys Magnets shop on ebay and popped in my order.

They are soooo strong. I attached them to the bag with a little squidge of strong tacky tape on each one and hey presto worry over!!!

Now I can't sing the praises of Guys Magnets enough because they are an awesome price and they came so quickly (I actually had 2 bags to get finished...totally forgot to take a good piccy of the other one I made for a friend's sister...doh Lou!!) but in the crafty little world of Lou it is just so exciting to find a new and fabulous place to get my magnets from. They came in a pack of 50 so I have plenty for my little bag cards and albums I love to make! yipeeeeee!!! ( ....yup...expect to see lots of mini albums popping up! lol!!!)

So another quick piccy of the bag closed....I added some rolled daisies to the front of this one with it being for a very special lady and mothers day....

and another quick piccy of the card nestled inside its box. I used the gorgeous new MFT Banner Greetings stamp and die sets, I curled it around my chubby lil thumb to get a curve in it and glued down the 2 valleys either end to keep it popped out. It looked so cool.

Right, thats me for today! I am off to make us a little salad for tea as we are still kind of rolling around full of chinese buffet but just neeeeed a little something!!

Thank you for popping in on me!
HUge hugs Lou xxx