Tuesday 20 December 2011

Mo and Mummy post!!

Hello Peeps!

I love the holidays. I am absolutely loving a few days with my little man at home with me and having some Mummy and Mo time.
Today we had a party to go to for 2 of Mo's little friends. Mo asked me to make them notepads for their presents and he would do the cards so we have been working on them for a couple of days. I chose the miniworld sitting tilda because she is just gorgeous. The papers are from my DCWV nana's nursery girl stack and the stickers are from my stash. (Sorry about the piccy too! it was all a bit of a rush by  the time we took piccies so I only took one and didn't realise it was a bit blurry until now!!!)
Mo chose 2 bic 4 colour pens for the girls too to go with their notepads so I added a bit of ribbon and bling and their initials shrinkied onto those but I forgot to take piccies of them!!!

There were a few little frightened tears this morning about going to the party but he still wanted to go and it was the most wonderful party with a fabulous entertainer called Mr. Shiney, he was just amazing and the children loved him!
Anyway, onto the good bit....Here are Mo's cards...... front...
and back.....

He headed straight for the Happy Happy Birthday papercraft factory from Funky Hand to make his cards. I love how he did it, it was actually a rather fab idea and I was so proud of him for working it all out :) 
He decided he wanted..in his words...

 "to write on the back of his card like in the shops and have the front on all in one go Mummy"

So he got one of our christmas cards and opened it up on the table. Then after looking at it for a couple of minutes he plonked 2 patterns from the Birthday Girls colourway onto the workspace, shrunk them so he could fit 2 on one page and added a few digi's to the front..cute!! 

Then ( and  I have to admit I thought this next bit was magical bless him!!) he opened the writer part of the workspace and used the label writing to write 'made by morgan 2011' I asked him why he wrote Morgan instead of Mo and he said thats what the twins call him so he wanted to do that for them (...awwwww!!) he dragged in onto both cards and left it where he wanted it to be at the bottom, then he added one of the coloured birthday cake digi's onto the back too. I love these cards!!

Just as we were getting changed into party clothes Mo decided he needed a little notepad for Ruby too ( the twins little sister) as she might be sad of not getting one (...arghhhhhh, 10 minute make was quickly put together and a little pencil too, but no time to take piccies of that one!!!)

Well that's all from me and my little squidger today. We are going to snuggle up and watch a film now whilst our slow cooker cooks our tea (...after planning chicken casserole Mo decided a sausage casserole would be nicer!!!)

Thankyou for popping in on me, huge hugs
Lou xxxx