Monday 20 October 2014

ahhh, Magical bean!!!!

Stamp- TGF Magical Kit.

Morning everyone!!

Its a magical bean post for you today!! oooh I do love me some TGF!!! and whats not to love? they stamp fantastically every time and they are sooo cute! plus they are fabulous fun to colour up! I am sooo pleased I bought this set because they are all just adorable!! takes me ages to decide which one to go for!!!

I went all cosmic on this one! I tried to cosmic up her hair all funky too!! sparkly dots and white gel pen fun included!! he he he!!!

The Blueprints 16 set makes it super easy to get a funky slant on your cards too. I don't often do rectangle but when I do this set is my utter go to, it just makes it so easy!! especially with delicious double sided paper pads to help me along the way!! I am so pants at matching up without them! this was a one sheet of 6x6 paper wonder! he he he!!

Here she is a lil closer up so you can see cosmic hair!!!!

Right, must dash. My nerves are all a fettle today as its Little Mo's autism check up day and she is going to go through some genetics stuff and check his blocked bowel too so its like a mini MOT for the little guy!! Ipad and vending machine bribery will be in full swing!!! He is off to school this morning to keep him all in routine but we will be picking him up at 2pm to get to the hospital in plenty of time so theres no rushing around or that will get him panicky!! (...mummy may require chocolate infusion for this one!!!!)

Thank you for popping in!!
hugs Lou xxx