Wednesday 31 December 2008

woohoo!! finally getting better!!

Well finally and just in time for the new year I am starting to get better!! I have had a really rough couple of weeks with a chest infection but have been feeling much better the last 2 days, now poor hubby is picking it up. I havent really felt up to doing anything while I have been ill, just getting up has been struggle enough so there is only really scotts christmas card to post! I still haven't gotten round to taking a quick picture of mo's birthday card but I wil do that tommorrow.

the fireworks for new year have started already here and there will be loads at 12pm/am!!!! luckily my dog has gone a bit deaf over this last year so hopefully there won't be too much woofing at the daubney house tonight!!!
anyway here's the card, I posted it on the cricut mb I think (things have been a blurgh!!!! lol !!!) I got my inspiration from shelley and used the candy cane at 2" from christmas cheer and forever friends paper, with mulberry paper at the top. I put lots of glitter glue on too but it doesn't show too good on the piccies!!!

Have a lovely new year everyone xxxxxxx

Monday 15 December 2008

My mum is amazing!! Look what she made for my little boy!!!

I love my mum so much, she is amazing!! i just can't believe how clever she is.
It is my little boys 4th birthday tommorrow ( I can't believe how quickly that has gone!!) and we decided to let him choose what kind of cake he would like. We looked in the superstores and he couldn't see any he liked so we asked him what he wanted and he said a snowman, (argh thinks mummy as she can't see any!!!) then I realised my mum would be able to do it and this is what was waiting for me at my mum's today!!!
Mo was kind of quiet about it when we got to mum's but when we got home he just can't stop looking at it!! he even told the dog off when he thought the dog was looking at it to eat it!!!
..... i wonder if he will want to cut it tommorrow?.........
i love his cake!!! he is just so cute.
Little Mo is having a little party at nursery with his friends tommorrow, I work in the room he is in at the moment so I get to spend the day with him too which is lovely.
I made him a diego card (he loves diego!!) which I will post tommorrow because I forgot to take a picture before I put it in the envelope and sealed it!!!

Saturday 13 December 2008

urgh, I am having one of those weeks.....

Well I am having one of those weeks this week where I feel like I can't do anything right, I am sure I am not the only one who has days like that but I feel low and sad.... oh well.

Anyway, this is the card I made for my friends at work ( at least I hope they are my friends...told you I was having a bad few days!!)

I wanted to make some mini cards this year, I think they are cute!!

I got some cute little glittery christmas tree's in the sale last year and wanted to incorporate them into the design. I popped a few blobs of gold glitter glue on them for baubles and stuck them onto little vellum sqares cut at 4cm square, I wanted them to look cute when the card was open too and thought the vellum would give them a bit of a lift!

I used the New Arrival cart and cut this gorgeous little stitched card with a scalloped edge on it at 5". I sewed some gold metallic thread into the stitch holes to give it a little christmas bling and doodled some dots on the scallops.

I used my computer to write ' Have yourself a merry little Christmas!!'on the front. I mounted the sentiment on foam dots but you can't really tell in the picture! I really had a hard time taking the photo, the weater here is so gloomy and we have the lights on, in the end I had to beg hubby to take the picture with his camera!!!! he is better than me at pictures anyway!!

I hope I havea better week next week....fingers crossed.....

Wednesday 10 December 2008

A twist on christmas tree's!!

I made this card a while ago when I was playing with different ideas for my christmas cards!! I popped it on my docrafts gallery but am popping it on here now. I have so many cards left to do but I am having one of those 'need to get myself going' nights tonight!!! anyway, i used my george cart with the silhouette flower setting and stuck all the flowers onto a green triangle from george stretched in ds. I gave it a good dusting with glitter glue but it wouldn't show up in my photo!!! The paper behind it is mulberry paper, a great tip for anyone interested in the way I rip it to get the fluffy edge is to dip your finger in water and run it straight down the edge you want to rip, when it is nice and damp, gently pull away the edges of the paper and when it dries you get that lovely fluffy edge!!

Saturday 6 December 2008

oooh I love linda's lace edge card cutfile!!!

My littlest man is feeling poorly again today!! he had to get a flu jab as he has asthma and is wombling around the house feeling sad with (in his words) 2such a sore leggy and a sicky tummy" he is supposed to be at a party bt didn't want to go, poor little chap!! he has had his fair share of lergys recently!!

Anyway on a less sickly note,this is the card I made using Linda's lace edge card cutfile. I really enjoyed making this card, it is for my mum in law to give to her mum who lives in australia. I have had the file for ages but hadn't gotten round to using it until this week. Thankyou so much Linda I love this ( you can find Linda's blog in my bloglist, called ' just for sharing'.

I used Linda's file, TBBM and some ribbon and a little santa from a packet of embellies my mum bought me ages ago!!! ( i love using bits from my stash!!)

Making a new blog!!! taking me ages!!!

Well, after making 2 mini blogs and still thinking they were a little boring I have decided to make yet another!!
this is goign to be the one I add posts too from now on so my apologies for all the other ones I have been attempting!!!
I love all the other blogs I go to so am trying this, It just seems a bit more creative than the other templates I have used before!!!
So wish me luck!!! and please post comments occasionally so I know people have popped by!!!!!!