Wednesday 19 July 2017

Whisper Princess Petal Sprite....

Sentiment- Make A Wish from MIC.
Morning everyone!!
oooh I hope you all slept better than me last night! It was a super tough one for me so this morning I just knew I had to share m latest MIC Special Guest post here on my blog to cheer me up!! after all, what's better than some shaker card cuteness? 

And I adore Whisper Princess Petal Sprite , she has the most wonderful hair for playing around with. It's actually all sparkly but could I get a good piccy of that through the acetate shaker....errrrrr...nope!!! and that little Make A Wish sentiment is just perfect for all sort of occasions so I totally needed it for this card.

Today Scott has the day off to take up our decking ready to get our back garden all levelled out and turfed by a turf company this week. I am so excited because our back garden has been butt ugly for a couple of years now and it's driving me crackers!! 

It will only be green grass with the decking level, Mo's trampoline and a wonderful new bunningham palace for the bunnies but it will be so pretty to look at. I need to re paint the fence too but I might need to wait until I am a bit better to do that as I get pooped out so quickly at the minute. I love my fence a lovely creamy white colour so it makes my little postage stamp of a garden look bigger! he he!!

Right, I need to crack on with making Scott a cuppa and generally be quite useless while he is super busy! He had help yesterday when removing our block paving paths from Little Mo but the decking is just a Daddy job!

Huge hugs and thank you's for popping in, Lou xxx