Thursday 25 March 2021

Masked Munchkins from Tiddly Inks!


Image- Masked Munchkins from Tiddly Inks.

Good Morning all!

Another week nearly nipped me by without a little bit of blogging!! but today I just couldn't resist sharing my little Tiddly Inks skunk with you! he is just the cutest!!

The I love you paper is a retired paper from Tiddly Inks too and the black and white ones are from my ermmmmm, not sure what they were drawer!! romfl!!!

Of course a little die cutting and Lou froo was also required!

So, how are you all this week? Mo has his last 2 days at college this week before Easter break and we are still quite locked down here in the UK so there is not really much to do. It feels very groundhog day-ish here!

Right, I need to get my 'drive the small to college' head on! I'd rather sit and colour the Edwin and Tin Tin magnolia stamp scene I have made than go out though!! he he!!! 

Have a fabulous day everyone, huge hugs Lou xxx