Wednesday 13 March 2013

a little bit of LOTV cuteness today!!

Ok, so I am late in here today!! because I spent oodles of time snuggling this.....
We watched almost all of The Hobbit and need to snuggle some more tonight to finish it off!! and for anyone watching the little guy's red nose page, he is up to a whopping £141.50!! ( and for those of you who fancy donating from across the sea its a bit tricky but can be done easily of you have paypal as you can gift the money to me and I can pay it in for you leaving your name and message for the little guy!!) 
He is so proud of himself and gets so excited when he checks in on it and it has gone up some!! ( he is hoping to raise enough to buy a school for the children in Africa...!!)

and my craft desk looked like this........
and now my thumb looks like this....

ooooucchhhhh!!! yup, my thumb did an awesome job of finding my pokey tool in the pile of mess (...there is a lesson to be learned here but I know all my crafty friends will be rolling their eyes, shaking their heads and saying to themselves...yeah right like you are going to keep your desk tidy Lou!!!!)

Finally onto my card!! lol!!! lots of babies are arriving so I have been busy getting myself ready with a few cards and this is one I made over the weekend, isn't he a cutie? I love this stamp (......and every other LOTV stamp come to think of it!! he he he!!) 

Right, I need to go mooch with a cup of tea, my thumb is kinda pulsing with pain!!! lol!!!

Have an awesome day and thank you for popping in on me
Huge hugs Lou xxxx