Saturday 18 February 2012

18th birthday bag...card!!!

Evening Peeps!!

I have had a fabulously fabulous saturday!! Little Mo slept in until 6:15am, then we got up and I went for a good old womble along the viking way (...very lucky to live on it!! huge walk in big open quiet fields) ...though in the wind it was a bit tricky!!! an hour later and a really bad hair day, I was home having a cuppa!!!
Then we went out for lunch with Scott's mum and Dad, had a little womble to the pound shop and came home to play. More Holly walking, Mo loves that he can throw a stick and she gets excited and fetches it!! (Our gorgeous old dog, Mr Zaky, would just look at him as if to say "uh huh Mo, you threw you go fetch it boyo"!!! we still miss him sooo much)

Enough Lou waffleys!! I want to share my entry for the Lili's Little Fairies challenge blog now!!!! its too cute!!! I was asked to make an 18th birthday card for a girl who lurves Mulberry handbags. ( there was a small panic and quiet scream from me as I am not a girly girl and had nooooo idea what a Mulberry handbag was but good old google saveth me!!!!)
I decided to go with a bag fold and a good old google later I had a cute Mulberry logo clasp on it!! yey Lou!!! Its made from a 12x12 peice of kraft card and then I cut a lacey circle nestie for the flap!
And so onto the inside....
 A good old bit of cricut cutting, oval nestifying and stamping and inking and I had the inside finished with a little bit of sparkle and some teeny flowers. The little tag that is really hard to see had the date of Lucy's birth on it.
And here's my super cute little card!! it was only 4x4 and I actually struggled to give it up!! I loved it!!
There was oodles of fun to be had on this one!!! First I stamped up my little New Hat stamp. It is one of my oldest and favouritest LOTV stamps ever. I use it so much because she just makes me smile whenever I colour her. Anywhoo!! I stamped her up and then printed out the Mulberry handbag logo really teeny in the middle of a peice of paper, then I stuck my little stamped girly onto the paper with repo glue tape and popped her through the printer
(mmmmm...ok so it didn't quite go that easily...the first one I stamped and stuck on printed the tree upside down on her handbag...lou takes it out of printer..think you plonker to herself...carefully stamps another...repo glue tapes it over little teeny tree logo...prints again...DOH...stuck image on upside down and she is now sporting a tree...on her hat.....3rd time lucky...phew!!)
So after a little experimenting on where to put the tree logo.....:) :) I decided it looked fab on the handbag ;) lol!!
So I got out Lucy's fav colours, spring green/bluey,blue and brown and got colouring!! I absolutely love how the little bag came out, its so subtle and totally cute. I was itching to know if she had noticed it when she opened her card!!
I wanted to include a 'key for the door' for her 18th so out came a little brassy coloured key and some thread to attach it to and I added a few more flowres and branches to match the inside of the bag.
I had to add some little pearly gems to the flowers and the card too....I just can't not bling!!!
Here's another piccy of the card standing up in the bag!!!

So challenges I am entering with this little cutie are....
Lili's Little Fairies- Anything Goes
Allsorts challenge week 142- Anything Goes
Die-ing for a challaenge's 1st challenge- Anything Goes 

So thats little ole me for today!!! oh and while I am anyone else really really struggling with the new word verification on blogger??...because I really really am and I know a few of my friends are too, so if you have your word verification on please consider turning it off and having approving comments before they go on to your bloggy  :)  purlease!!! xxx
Thank you for popping in on me.
Huge hugs Lou xxxx