Thursday 13 April 2017

Scarlett West..and a little Lou update!!

Image- Scarlett West from KennyK stamps.
Morning everyone!!!

I was ever so honoured to win a GDT spot with the KennyK DT over on their Club Kenny K facebook page. The challenge this month, which you can find HERE, is as always Anything Goes but the DT girls and us GDT girls we tasked a 'Spring Flowers' theme.

Well I had to take a Lou style route around this one with my kooky sense of humour! I don't know about the rest of the world but our spring here is swinging between wonderfully warm and then blooming freezing again!! and I am totally blaming it on the groundhog!! he he!!!!

Here's a close up of the blinginess!! because I so love a lil bit of blingy glitter pen, especially on the sheer skirt.

And don't forget!! you get the gorgeous Dowager Countess free just for entering the challenge.

Yesterday I went for my oncology appointment. It's all good news and all a bit of a rush from here on in because my Chemotherapy starts next Friday (21st)at 10:30am!! And my hair, well it needs to go sooner than we thought...Like next friday night/saturday before my blood count has a chance to dip and an infection can have a party if my head gets nicked during the shave!!! But, its all good peeps because at least I don't have to have it done this weekend and I won't get mistaken for a huge Easter Egg!!!

The side effects are always a wonderful thought....errrr......!!! lol!! but the plus points are I am clearly half mortal so that's good!!!!
But in true Lincoln Breast Unit style, they were explained fully and fabulously. I'm super pleased I ordered my lovely hats because they arrived yesterday. I love the little doodled animals ones my Little Mo chose for me! they are just too cute!

I also got a wonderful big snuggle from my wound nurse, Charlotte, who saw me in the corridor and said it was lovely to see me. Honestly, that was just magic. I feel so blessed to of been cared for by this amazing team. It really has set me in good sted for kicking ass!!!!

Right, I need to get a move on because today I have my Zoladex injection into my tummy, lots of bloods to be taken an my BP to be checked....errrrrmmmm..I think that might be a bit high!!!!!

Have a wonderful day everyone! huge hugs Lou xxx