Sunday 5 February 2017

Black and white and oh so cute!!

Hi everyone!

I've been rushed off my feet all day and so now I've finally got a few minutes before I crash out completely, I wanted to pop in with a post for you today using this little cutie with a ladybird from the 3 Baby Fairies set

The weather here in my village recently inspired the colours on this one completely! we've had nothing but fog and dreary days, so a gorgeous little fairy was just what I needed!

My scan on my lymph nodes on wednesday was really positive. The lady who did it checked them really well on both sides because the first one she looked at was big and blobby, but that's ok, because the other side was big and blobby too!! she said I just like to do things differently!! he he he!!

I was given a beautiful heart cushion by my cancer nurse to practice holding my arm without tensing t for after my op. She said it's really important to do that for healing well and not getting a poorly shoulder after surgery.
Isn't it just gorgeous? I love it. I got all my bloods done too, the wait was a long time but Scott and I had a sandwich and cake lunch date with a cup of tea too....we know how to be romantic!! he he he!!!

My blood pressure was poop though so on thursday along came a 24hr monitor (...oh my, you do not want to have this done!! it hurts and keeps you awake at night as it goes every 20 mins in the day and every hour at night!!!) My arm feels all bruised and battered but you can't see anything other than a red mark!!! I need visuals for this kind of pain!!! bwha ha ha ha ha!!! so I am waiting on the results of that and hopefully so meds to sort it.

But the topper to my week was my little mo...oh my!!! Oh my mummy heart attack day. I got muddled with club ending time tonight so got to school 10 mins late (😢I am never late) scott rang ahead to let them know and they couldn't see him. I got to school and couldn't find Mo. 

They searched every where with me and in the end suggested I drive home incase he has started walking ( we live 3.6 miles away from school...) so I drive ... panicking and trying to hold back tears and I get all the way to the very top of cross o cliff hill and driving along the straight bit thinking he's been stolen and there plodding along with a big stick to walk with, taking in all the views and quite happy with himself is a Mo.He couldn't find s grown up to ring us so though he'd best walk home....arghhhhhhhhhhh.

So friday night, Mo felt epic and is sure he has made himself some fit thighs and was most excited that his bag can carry so many sticks and treasure and mummy and daddy feel like epic parental failures and will be drank every last drop of the red wine left from Christmas when Mo went to bed...........

Thank you for popping in
Hugs Lou xx