Sunday 29 July 2012

Cute little LOTV bear and ouchies!!!

papers- raspberry road
Hello Peeps!
well I am popping in with this post way later than I had planned because I have just spent a delightful morning in A&E!! heart trace,x ray and pee in a pot later and I was diagnosed with pulling an internal chest muscle :( I can tell you all blooming hurts!!!! but after my MOT at least nothing else is wrong! Dr was very nice....I must admit I was hoping for someone a bit more McDreamy but he was very friendly and said I have probably pulled this particular muscle by sneezing and while it is painful the only thing I can do is take ibuprofen. He also said I had to eat before taking each set of tablets (...this is good, I have divided the box of maltesers scott bought me in tesco to make me feel better into 3 piles for todays medication.........:)

So enough me moaning on about my ouchies!! and onto my little card for today.
I am very lucky to have totally gorgeous friends who send me totally gorgeous treats and surprises and this little guy was one such surprise from a particularly gorgeous lady, thank you xxxxxxxxxxx

He's too cute isn't he?!!! I loved playing with this little guy. I am popping this card over on the challenge on the Papertake weekly blog which is make your own. I made the flowers! 

Right, I have to go do some resting now :( whilst feeling poorly last night I was also joined in my being awakeness by a load of daft and drunk partygoers who decided it would be a great idea to go for a walk down the fields next to our house at 2am this morning....after debating....LOUDLY... whether they should or not for 20 mins and trying to bang the tops off their drink bottles on my fence they finally pootled off...only to return 30 mins later....I really hope they have fabulous hangovers today!!!!

Thank you for popping in on me huge hugs Lou xxxxxx