Sunday 8 March 2009

Making my first real scrapbook!!!

Hello everyone!!! I have not posted for a few days as I have been feeling quite poorly, I am feeling much better today but have a little black cloud feeling over me I can't shake off!!! I am putting it down to the dreadful weather and having been poorly!!!
Anyway, I have been attempting my first real scrapbook for the last couple of days. I was desperate to use m bind it all on it and it i for a secret mission that I won't pop on here incase the person it is meant for sneeks a peek at it!!! (anyone who goes on the cricut mb might know its purpose but for everyone else I will post some pictures when it is finished!)
I used some co-ordinating starry paper from my stash and mixed in some white pages that I am not sure what I will do with yet!!!! Some lovely people who have been helping me have suggested some strips of patterned paper on them to stop them being so white though as normal for me I will be inking the edges!!! lol !!!!
Anyone who is good wih their bind-it -all will notice that I made a major boo-boo when I first tried to put my binding holes in but me being me decided to hide the boo-boo by telling myself I didit like that to thread some co-ordinating ribbon ( lou tells off the voices in her head for trying to make her think otherwise!!! lol!!!)
The beigey coloured page is a pocket page for popping bits in like tickets or notes, one of my lovely friends from work showed me how to do it as she has been to a bind-it-all class.
I am going to put little diamontes or pearls in the centres of the little stars on the front of the book but it is a work in progress and a little out of my comfort zone!!! My theory is I will not learn unless I try so I plod on!!!
I hope everybody has had a lovely weekend xxxx