Thursday 1 January 2009

oooh thankyou ted!! i got a slideshow!!!

I was doing my normal wimble around the blogs I love today and whilst on teds, I had a look at his slideshow ( his cards are great) so I decided to have a go at doing one!!! I am a little bit pants at the whole technical thing but once I had mastered it, it was great fun!! then I just had to work out where to put it on my page (decided at the top would be a nice home for it!!) and there we go!!!

I hope you enjoy having a peek at some of the cards I have created, the first card I ever made, with the help of the truly amazing susan ( lou bows to susanbluerobot, she is truly amazing) is the pink and blacky blue card with the handbag on and 'Happy Birthday' down the side. I had only just got my cricut and the trial version of ds on my laptop and went to susans blog to get tutorials, if anyone is interested in susans blog and doesn't know where to find it, there is a link down the right hand side of my blog, if you haven't been there you NEED to go!!!!!!!

blog candy up for grabs on lynou's blog!!!! go see!!

Wow, there is some really sweet blog candy up for grabs on lynou's blog, all you have to do is make yourself a follower!! i love this idea because it gets us all aware of each others blog in a fun way and this blog candy is amazing, just click the link and go see for yourself!!!