Monday 25 March 2019

Party Tots...

Morning everyone!

I'm in with my Dream Team post!! I'm a bit late posting it today because my Lou bones are recovering from a magical day of walking with my boys yesterday. We did just over 16 miles of walking around the beautiful Rutland Water. I am always eternally grateful that Little Mo shares our love of walking because it really does make for some magical memories. There is so much beauty out there and we should all really take some time to soak it all up. Of course, the pawsy peeps had to come along too.....we all slept great last night!! he he!!

So, back to that super cute card up there at the top!! I was in the 'boy card making mode'!! Making a card for the boys of the world has really been something that has grown on me during my crafting journey. I used to find it so difficult not to want to throw a tonne of flowers and girliness at a card! 

But this little Party Tots ( Boy Favor) is just a little dream to colour. He is just such a sweetheart!! I adore his little party blower! Teamed with some golden oldie Bo Bunny papers from my stash pile he really does look set to party!!

Thank you for popping in, Huge hugs Lou xxx

Sunday 17 March 2019

Baby Fairy bee Pre- coloured...

Afternoon all!!

I'm sneaking into my blog (as I always do on a Sunday because I make my Dream Team project and then I just cannot sit on the cuteness until tomorrow!!!) with my Dream Team post. I simply could not resist a good explore those gorgeous new pre-coloured images.

Oh, my giddy gumdrops these images are just the bee's knees...Hence I just had to choose  Baby Fairy B . People the cuteness and ease of use on these is unreal.

I printed mine on hammered white cardstock, using the Matte Photo setting and a print choice of High. It came out so beautifully. 

The only thing left to do was for me to faff about Lou style making a super fun card base for it to live on. I LOVE it!! I popped each layer up on some foam to make a super sweet little decreasing window effect going right back to that lil cutie bee, tooooo cute right?????

I've been putting on the brave girl Sunday pants as much as I can today. Yesterday we picked up some of Dad's ashes from my little sister who travelled home to Seychelles to spend some time with our Mum and even littler sister. I have sent some away for a special ring for me to wear always and Mo has bought himself a necklace that you can pop some ashes in. I have a little amount left in my pot which I have put into my craft room with me and whilst I was out there today I decided that I would make a little heart shape with them.

Well now, you'd think this an easy task wouldn't you??....errrrrr...nope!! My Dad would have laughed his socks off at me trying to make his ashes into a heart shape!! oh my!! First, a little bit went out of the line of the shape I wanted for the heart and dopey here thought she would just gently blow it out the Lou!!! that obviously didn't work!! so I tried to gently nudge it back into the shape but bugger me!! the ashes are kind of static and they jump towards your finger! So I'm crying by this stage...I cried...yup...real tears...and gently wondering to myself which parts of Dad I am gently nudging around my little piece of wood trying to align into a beautiful heart shape! I get it the way I want it, get my phone ready on the camera, take the photo....and a deep breath because I have been crying and whoosh the whole effect again!! oh my!!! but it's so pretty and I am definitely going to try and do it again using some glossy accents to hold the ashes safe from clumsy Lou's!!!

My Unamum sent us all some pennies to buy ourselves a beautiful ashes ring to wear. Mo has bought himself a beautiful little cross necklace that holds ashes with some pennies Grandma sent in Dad's wallet that she sent for Mo. That was such a special surprise for him and he absolutely loved it. The magic of social media meant that he could send her a letter right away when we got home.

The picture on the inside of the wallet is the one Dad kept of us all on the day they left home in England to go and live in Seychelles. It's so special.

Right, that's enough Lou waffling on at you to last you for today I think!! I'll leave you in peace for a couple of days! lol!! Thank you for popping in, huge hugs Lou xxx

Sunday 10 March 2019

Mummu's Bike...

 Image- Mummu's Bike.
Hi everyone!

I am sneaking into my blog and sharing a Mummu make. She really is my favourite Mo's Digital Pencil character, she is just so sweet and looks like she would be the best grammy out there. I adore her. It's for my Dream Team make for tomorrow...but you all know me...I get excited and end up sharing them right away!!! lol!!!

For today's make, I printed her out on my normal colouring paper and then twice more on a normal piece of paper. I then stuck 2 of the scraps of paper I had left from the card base onto the 2 printed out on normal paper ones so I could paper piece her clothing to match the box. I love doing that!!

Here's a look at the dimension in the box...

 And another quick peek from the other side too!!...

Isn't she just the sweetest image???? 

I've had a much better Sunday so far this week. I got up and did my workout, Pyramid Ladder today, that pooped me out!! lol!! so I had a shower and then brekkie and then we sneaked out in the car to surprise my big sister with a visit. I loved doing that, she is so wonderful and I really wanted to see her. I am trying to fill my Sunday's up a little more to keep myself from that Facetime with Dad feeling.

We nipped to Ikea afterwards. We had a little bit of lunch and then picked up some paper and a dispenser for Mo because he loves making little bits and bobs so much with paper and I picked up some freezer bags. Nothing exciting but it felt so lovely to go for a drive, surprise my big sister, have a little lunch and a very quick womble and then drive home.

This afternoon I had a wonderful time making this little card and now I am going to get my PJs on snuggle on the settee for a little while before I turn into bed for the night.

Thank you for popping in, hugs Lou xxx

Tuesday 5 March 2019

Tiddly Inks challenge #223....Succulent colour palette

Dies- Lawn Fawn scalloped pop up box card.

Morning all!!

It's time for the Tiddly Inks March challenge and some colour inspiration fun from the amazing Seeds Design colour palettes again. This Succulent Hues colour scheme is just perfect for some spring fun!!
 (**remember...We love to see any new creation, a card, 3D project, journal page etc 
but you MUST use a Tiddly Inks stamp or image **)

Aren't those colours just divine???

I just had to play with my Lawn Fawn pop up box die, I really do love a make with a bit of pop and fun and these are just great for adding in those little extras in the little layer parts.

Squeeeee!! it really did just turn out so cute!! I paper pieced her little party hat and skirt with some scraps I had left from cutting out the box layer papers, I do love a double sided paper! these ones are from my stroke only MME 6x6 paper stash...I will cry actual tears when they run out so using every little bit is a winner for me. I even used some for the cute little banner pennants on the back panel.

Right, I need to get a cuppa!! my workout is done for the day and there's just the school run to do and pawsy peeps to walk and I might just get out to my little crafty room for a play.

I really do feel like I am coming out of the fog of grief for my Dad now. I will ALWAYS feel his loss greatly but the tears are turning into smiles more and more when I think of him instead of a snotty mess so I am taking that as a win. But my oh my, do I wish you all knew how amazing he was. He was simply just the very best.

Thank you for popping in, huge hugs Lou xx

Sunday 3 March 2019


Image- Stars.
Background and banner paper- Moon Baby.
other stamps- 
Lawn Fawn Upon a Star.
Dies- Memory Box stars.

Hi everyone,

I'm nipping in today with a little shadow box card using the beautiful image, Stars.

And I've got to be honest, it's based on me, gazing up to those stars and hoping to catch just a glimpse of where my Dad would be up there. Sunday's are really quite hard for me still because that's the day Dad Facetime's us all and I miss it so much it hurts in my tummy. I am though, forever grateful to of had a Dad that meant so much to me that the loss I feel now he is gone is real and I can feel it so deeply, like so many, many others that knew him. We are all at a complete loss. I am finding crafting away quite difficult at the moment and I am a little under the weather today too, but it really does lift my spirits up when I can make a little something like this inspired by Dad than nothing at all.

The gorgeous paper on the background and the little banner is the star background paper that comes with the Moon Baby image. I adore it and knew it would be just perfect for my little pair as they gaze up to that heart.

That little heat embossed heart glows in the dark and it looks so super sweet but I just cannot get a photo of it!!!

Thank you so much for popping in on me, huge hugs Lou xxx