Wednesday 20 March 2013

Video Boy....

 Image- Video Boy from Mo's Digital Pencil.
Papers - Teen Angst from We r memoy keepers.
Coloured with promarkers.
Morning Peeps!!
So on staurday my big little boy turns 13!! ongosh really...sigh yep!! romfl!!! this gorgeous little man came into my life and geart when he was 2 years old and even though step families can be wobbly ( sigh.....) I wouldn't swap him for thw world.
And he has hit that when I'm not on my skooter I am on my playstation age so I knew this image would be just right. The rrainers had to be purple because Ryan has some purple high tops that he wears into the ground.....quite literally...they are kinda hanging to pieces...sigh!!!
I love the teen angst papers because they are just perfect for teenage boys, I love the 'whatever' word up in the top left there!! he he he!! and I added a little skull charm for coolness!!! I hope he likes it, its a biggy too at 8x8!!
I did make one little boo boo and printed it out onto my bright white thin paper I use for printing papers on but luckily he didn't smudge too bad!!
And here is my big boy doing a tailwhip on his skooter....

Well, I had better get a cuppa. I am on a special birthday beermat making misson for one of my friends today so I hope I can help her!!!...ooooh maybe she has heating and its warm in her house.......ooooooh!!! we are on day 6 of blooming freezing and still waiting to hear from people about fixing/ removing the boiler of doom. My new pooter has not arrived yet either so I am attempting to bumble along on Scott's all singing gadget boy one for blog posts and Ryan's old vista filled menace of a laptop in the house for general wombling but its sop hard to get used to something new!!

Thank you for poppping in on me, have an awesome day.
huge hugs Lou xxxx