Wednesday 14 November 2012

My gorgeous Hubby's 40th birthday cake....

Morning Peeps!!
Is my husband's 40th birthday today so this mornings blog is not a card but a cake!! he he he!!

Mo and I spent some of our time yesterday making a chocolate cherry cake for him because they are 2 of his favourite things!! I cut the fresh cherries in half and soaked them in brandy before splitting hem into 3 piles.1 pile went into each layer and the 3rd pile went into the freshly whipped double cream in the centre of the cake. Then I covered it in yummy dark chocolate ganache.

We decorated the corner of the heart with some flaked truffles and a couple of the cherries I had saved for the top. Mo popped the candles into 2 of the truffles!! I thought that was cute! and then I tried to make some swishes with some blue balls to match the candles.

Now I am no cake decorating kinda chick but I have to admit I was really pleased with how this cake came out because Scott is just such an awesome husband and worth every panicky struggle I had when I was making it, I so wanted it to be special for my  special guy. He is my world and my best friend.

Right, I had better get on with my day! Mo is adamant he wants to go to school today so we are going to let him try. He has been eating a little and has managed a little breakfast this morning so we will see how he goes. Thankfully he goes to an awesome school and they will ring me if he is struggling in any way.

And me? I get some Scott time today. He has taken the day off so we are going to go to Damon's for lunch and then have a little party food tea for Mo.

Have an awesome day peeps! thank you for popping in on me
huge hugs Lou xxx