Wednesday 31 December 2008

woohoo!! finally getting better!!

Well finally and just in time for the new year I am starting to get better!! I have had a really rough couple of weeks with a chest infection but have been feeling much better the last 2 days, now poor hubby is picking it up. I havent really felt up to doing anything while I have been ill, just getting up has been struggle enough so there is only really scotts christmas card to post! I still haven't gotten round to taking a quick picture of mo's birthday card but I wil do that tommorrow.

the fireworks for new year have started already here and there will be loads at 12pm/am!!!! luckily my dog has gone a bit deaf over this last year so hopefully there won't be too much woofing at the daubney house tonight!!!
anyway here's the card, I posted it on the cricut mb I think (things have been a blurgh!!!! lol !!!) I got my inspiration from shelley and used the candy cane at 2" from christmas cheer and forever friends paper, with mulberry paper at the top. I put lots of glitter glue on too but it doesn't show too good on the piccies!!!

Have a lovely new year everyone xxxxxxx