Sunday 26 November 2017


Image- Elphaba.
Chippie frame- Delicate Love Rectangle.
Hi everyone!

I'm popping in before I zonk out in bed. Herceptin injection this week and a lovely busy weekend have caught right up with me and I feel like a zombie!!! I've got a snuggly warm wheaty bag on my knee as I type and I can feel the zzzzzz's tapping on my shoulder but I just had to share my MIC gals make for today!!! she's too cute to leave sat on my crafty table alone!!!

I decided to alter a little notebook from a pack of 3 I 'needed' to buy in Lidl a few weeks ago!! ...of course, I will probably never be able to make myself write in this little notebook so I don't spoil it but I did so enjoy making it.

That little Delicate Love Rectangle frame is just so beautiful to work with and Elphaba is just too sweet. I coloured her up a little while ago and have been hoarding her ever since!! he he!!!

If you are quick, make sure you pop into the Make it Crafty store before the offer ends!!! there are around 21 hrs left to get 20% off store wide.

Right, the zzzzz's are in full force now so I'm going to go before I end up drooling all over my pooter keyboard!!! Thank you for popping in on me, huge hugs Lou xxxx