Tuesday 14 February 2017

Unicorn cake!!!

Morning everyone!!

So yesterday Bunny wondered what cake Little Man and I were going to make! well, this is it!! 

Yup, Little man wanted a unicorn cake!! which was perfect for some fun baking we thought!!! To make it sooo easy, I have this really cool cake pan set HERE. You bake all the layers at the same time and it took just 25 mins to bake the layers!! wahoooooooooo!! magic in itself right?!!! We made up a whole tonne of cake mix...we kept giggling because we thought it might overflow!!!

Then we split that into 5 pots.Mo chose all the colours he wanted his layers to be .....and then we panicked...like a lot...because we took them out of the pans and they looked just like normal cake colour????arghhhhhh!!

 But Mummy ploughed along with the icing job (....a little sparingly as we didn't have much butter to make buttercream). I made a horn out of ready made icing and sprayed it gold (have had several comments from friends it looks like a different kinda horn......!!!!) and the split the rest of the icing between blue and pink colours for the hair and blinged it up with some sprinkles and cut some little love hearts and then we literally threw some hundreds and thousands at it so they landed all over the place!! That bit was so much fun!! Then we were onto the tense wait until Daddy came home to cut it and check out the layers...Oh my!!! that bit was soooo hard!! it felt like forever!!

 ........so, they cut into it together.....

and whoop whoop wahooooooooo!! the coloured sponges did work!!! we need to be more umpfy with our mauve next time but it still looked fantastic and Mo's little face was an absolute delight when he saw the rainbow inside!!

So today we are surprising Mo with a treat. Mo loves afternoon tea, you know with the tiered plate with all the different treats on. We went for one with my grandad last summer and Mo absolutely loved it, he thinks they are magical. So as a last day of the holidays where mummy is well treat we decided to book one for daddy's dinner hour when he has finished a conference call. My friend Karen shared a picture of one she had had with her daughter and the cafe looked right up Mo's street for amazingness so I can't wait. He has some book vouches left from christmas so I have told him we are going to walk into town to spend those so he hasn't got a clue!! squeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Right, got to go! I am going to indulge in my last shower with soap and my last hairwash for a couple of weeks. I have been told I am not allowed to get my dressings wet for 2 weeks after my surgery tomorrow so I am making the most of the last shower and uber fresh feel!!! Don't get me wrong peeps, I will be washing but the long hair might be a bit tricky for scott as I can't bath or shower and leaning over the bath for the shower head detached might be really sore for me...so if you see my hair looking vile please smile at me and tell me it looks shiny!!!! bwah ha ha ha ha!!

Huge hugs and kisses, Lou xxxx