Sunday 20 May 2012

Mr Fix It...

Afternoon Peeps!!!
I hope you are all having a fabulous sunday. I have had a wonderful day so far. I baked flapjack and some mint crisp, had a wonderful long walk along the viking way with Mo, Scott and Holly, came home and cooked homemade scone base pizza for lunch,made 2 cards and finished off a tag guest book for a christening.
So this is one of the cards I made and ooooooh it was so much it wrong to crush on an image?!!! he he he he!!!!!!
Mo is just so good at drawing those men!! I love them!!!
I decided on lots of yummy layers of nitwits papers. I have had this set for a couple of years now and use it tonnes, its especially needed around this time of year too with fathers day creeping up!!! this card however is a birthday one for my friend to give to her fiancĂ©. I love the heart too, that comes with the Lil bits add on pack you can get for the some assembly required, its called Lil bits- some assembly required.The sentiment on it is just so lovely.
I used some gorgeous screw brads that I have had in my stash for years too, they are very gorgeous but I am running out of them now....mmmm...need to look for some more of those!!!
Scott got me an awesome new programme for playing around with my photo's of my creations,its called Adobe Lightroom and he has been giving me some little tutorials on it over the past few nights ( tutorials I mean he says a lot of big words and slides lots of slidery things around on a screen with his mouse and I am sitting there , I go ooooh and ahhhh and hope I am saying yes in the right places and then hey presto..out pops a yummo piccy!!!!) which is fab as my skills of photo taking are somewhat pants!!!! I am going to enjoy learning how to use it though because the wise one says...if i don't try it myself I will never learn!!! (....I am still hopeful though that if I look confused enough he will do it for me ......!!)
And here is a pile of pens I used. 
So I have more stuff to be getting on with now...there might be a yummilicious new Tiddly Inks image on my desk waiting for me right now....but ya'll will have to wait and see I guess!!! he he he he!!
Thank you for popping in on me!!
huge hugs Lou xxxxx