Sunday 2 February 2014


Image- Song from saturated Canary.
Hi everyone!! 
hope you are all having a superlicious sunday!! I have had a really lovely morning mooching around town with Scott and Mo and then a bit of crafty fun this afternoon in between playing table tennis on the lounge floor with Mo!! (its daddy's round now so I can do a squidge of blogging!!)

I love the 2 new images from Saturated Canary so much and this one is so much fun!! I always have spotify on and my headphones plugged into my pooter as the sound is so much better so I am now visioning myself being this cool while i craft!! romfl!!!

Right, got to go!! Mo has ordered pizza for his tea ( oven pizza from iceland but yummalicious all the same!!) 

Huge hugs for you all, Lou xxxxx