Friday 13 February 2015

Chocolate heart....

Image- Chocolate heart from Mo's Digital Pencil.
** Until Valentines day you can get this cutie for just $1**

Morning all!!

I soooo wanted to post this little cutie last night but alas due to cold UK weather the glossy accent drying conditions were not perfect so (...after pokin' it every 10 mins and saying is it dry yet....) I reluctantly pootled off to bed leaving it half done in its cuteness on my table!!

I was then spurred on to finish it off this morning ( someone small and 10 saying "ooooooh mumma is this for me? is this mine? is it done yet? can I take it now?" as I was laid in never saw me get up sooo fast whilst calmly saying "oooh not quite finished yet poppet" and crying inside "don't squish it" in slow motion...y'all can see the scene now right?!!!!!)

So here it is, all soooo uber cute and done and awwwwwww I just loves it!!!!.....and he can have it when he gets home from school since it seems it isn't going to make it in hiding until tomorrow!!!!

Well, its cold and windy here today so I am hunkering down to some crafting and Scott is getting in some catch up with some bits time!!

Have a great day everyone! huge hugs Lou xxx