Tuesday 5 May 2015

Wedding Bella...Tiddly Inks new release...

Image- Wedding Bella.
Papers- Pebbles Yours Truly.
Hi everyone!!

Its Tiddly Tuesday!! whoop whoop!! and that means a couple of new images in the shop!!! squeeee!! this one is Wedding Bella.

Now...I have a small confession. Christy sent them, I fell in love with them but thought...I am never going to be able to colour that nice enough!!! but oh my oh my!! once I had printed it out and started colouring it I got the full on love mush head Lou thang going on!! I wanted to call Scott home from work right away just to hold him for a while and had to put on our 'us' songs spotify album!!! lol!!! see what happens when an image just takes you!!! 

But isn't it just gorgeous??? I am colouring another one now so I might be back later but no promises there as I am pooped out today! no sleeping after the night shift on sunday due to bank holiday boys of the house being home means it has caught up with me today even more and I feel like a week old zombie chick!!! 

Thank you for popping in
huge hugs Lou xxx