Sunday 28 June 2015

I need coffee meow........

Hi everyone!!

I hope you are all having a great sunday. I needed to cheer me up after watching the gorgeous vulcans last flight over waddington .....much sobbing here :( so I hit a super fun stamp set and some inspiration from the morning death stare my friends cat, Cheese, gives me everyday as I walk past his spot in the window!!! ( really is a death stare..I totally have to check my reflection to make sure I am not a real zombie each day!!!!!!)

So a little die cutting (..the little kitty even comes with his own die to cut him out this set!!!) a little Cheese coloured kitty came along, I chose a grumpy face from the little set of faces ( soooo stinking cute!!!) and a good old coffee sentiment from the set and he was done!!

Now I am going to eat lots of chocolate and try and massage my wrist alive before work tonight! I have a 3.5cm ganglion resting right in the nerve canal of my wrist and I cannot feel my fingers!! after 30 mins at work tonight said ganglion will be a lot bigger and my hand will be a lot sorer!! lol! but all is ok because said ganglion has been given a death sentence and will be surgically removed soon!!! lol!!!

huge hugs Lou xxx