Monday 30 January 2017

Lazy Mutt.......

 Image- Lazy Mutt.
(available in rubber stamp from penny black HERE)
Hi everyone!

I'm popping in with my little 'change up my 2017 calendar' make! lol!! I had a gorgeous calendar but the top bit was awful (...I knew how to sort that!!!) so I made my own top bit!! and I had just the thing I wanted to use for it!

I used my penny black stamp form for this make but this fantastic trio of pawsy peeps is right there in the digital shop too! wahoooooooooooooo!!!! 

And the best thing is I can swap it out for a new image whenever I feel like it because I just gently blu-tacked my image to the top! go me!!!!
Please excuse my little filled in page! I was so excited to fill in the calendar then I decided to do the top bit after so you get an extra insight into the week of mo and mummy!! lol!!!

Thank you for popping in! hugs Lou xx

Sunday 29 January 2017

A bit of a boobie..............

The Titty Squisher!

I have ummed and ahhhh'd about doing this blog post but then my lil Lou cogs and mechanicals went into action and I have to be me and  thought 'yup, peeps need to know this stuff and check themselves so on the blog it goes!!!' there will be grammar and spelling mistakes because I am just going to waffle it out in the Lou waffle way!!

I have been having some problems with my right boobie for over 2 years now. (...yup...I know thats a long time but I did go and get it checked when it first started and when I mentioned my nipple problems to the nurse in nottingham breast clininc she just told me I needed to wash it I didn't already????? but when a nurse tells you something, you take note and think oh, ok). But it didn't get better and because I thought it was normal after what the nurse said, I just carried on. ( ...yes, I can hear y'all screaming OMG you didn't say more or go back or shout or scream?...) So I carried on in my normal little Lou bubble until it got so bad I couldn't take it anymore (...peeling your sore and bleeding nipple off your bra at night is not a fun activity, not even for Scott!!!!) here off to the Dr i went and 2 weeks later I was sat up at the breast unit with gorgeous hubby. And here goes the journey I've been on the last couple of weeks.

First, my consultant had a look and then decided on a few things to do. He said a mammogram, ultrasound and then maybe a biopsy if he thought he needed one.

Now! let me introduce you to The Titty Squisher up there !! This was my first time and I can tell you if you think they go flat when you lean over without your bra you know nothing of how flat those puppies can go 😂😂😂) so get off your phone or pooter and go squish your boobs or book your mammogram peeps! 

Then I was pootled round to the ultrasound side of the breast unit, cold jelly applied and ever so uncomfortable scanning of the boobie occured. The scanning dude said there were a few cysts....and here they are!! they looked so much like Jack from The Nightmare before christmas I just had to take a picture!!

So happy little me and Scott pootled off back to wait for my consultant safe in the knowledge that there were some cysts I didn't know about so thats why it was so ouchie! yey!!! and he said the mammogram was ok and the scan was ok and I started to get my coat ready on my lap......... and then he said he wanted to do a biopsy anyway....arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Now I cannot tell a lie!!! this was the most painful thing I have EVER experienced!!! The consultant was wonderful though and got his bit done, my nurse was awesome. She held my hand all the way through and sorted me out after the biopsy had been done.....after holding down dressings for 20 mins with another nurse because the bleeding wouldn't stop!! they chatted away to me, then when it was stopped enough to dress it she had to use a whole pack of steristrips,gauze dressing all rolled up and then the sticker dressing thing over the top and then she held my pot up so I could take a photo before it went to the lab.I couldn't praise them all enough for how fab they were. 

And then it was the wait for I have to be brutally honest and say I wasn't worried at all, not one bit. I had seen the results for the mammogram and ultrasound and felt absolutely nothing could be wrong. The week came and went as normal and off I popped with Scott the next wednesday to get my results.

Clinic was running late and Scott had to leave to fetch our little guy from choir and we weren't worried so it wasn't a biggy for me to be there alone. I went in an hour and 5 mins late in the end but it didn't bother me sat there, I don't mind things like that. people have an important job to do and I was in no rush. 

I was called in by a new nurse and popped down on my chair to wait in the room and when my consultant came back with the nurse he had a booklet in his hand and I didn't think anything of it...until he told me I had a rare form of breast cancer. Oh bugger, that was not in the plan!!!! ( and my poor amazing husband has cried twice so far because he wasn't there with me when they told me but I have told him time and time again, we just were not expecting that at all and there is nothing he could of done, I was much happier knowing he was with my mo than mo being worried and stressed we hadn't picked him up.)

So,I have been diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer called Pagets Disease of the Breast. But its very treatable.As yuckies go though, although rare this is a good yucky because its very treatable so none of you are allowed to worry.So for now, I have a lymph node scan on wednesday and then on the 15th February (...don't worry, Scott will still get his valentines night treat ;) ) I will be having an operation to remove my right nipple and a good wedge of the tissues behind it. Then it's a 2 week wait for results and once I'm healed up a bit, 3 weeks of radiotherapy.

My consultant said he may have to do another op to remove lymph glands but we don't know any more on that yet and the most exciting bit is that once I'm healed and done with radiotherapy I will be getting my other boobie made smaller to match the size of the other one (...of which I am lovingly naming 'Frankentit' from the 15th onwards!!!)

I am going to be pootling on through my days in my normal Lou way so no worrying bloggy peeps!!! I'll keep you all updated of stuffs!! I am a firm believer in positivity!! I am more than sure I will have big wobble days and feel like an emotional jelly but I am a happy jolly chicka so I know how to sort myself out quick!

My plea for you guys though is to check, check and check again and if you don't feel at ease with your check, call in the professionals to check for you. Ring your Dr, book in your tests and keep a good eye out on your boobies!!!

Thank you for letting me get it all out of my system and waffled onto my blog!

Thursday 19 January 2017

The Tin Man.........

Image- The Tin Man.

Hi everyone!!

Its that exciting time of the month again for a Mo's Dream Team blog hop and this time its a 'Hearts' theme.

Here's the Blog Hop run in case you lost on the way......

Don't forget there are two $5 gift vouchers to spend in Mo's shop to be drawn from the participating Dream Team Designers comments so... make sure you pop in and comment on everyone's post for the blog hop to be in with the chance to win!!!

I couldn't resist a little wizard of oz feeling for mine, after all, what's more important than getting a heart?!!

Thank you for popping in
huge hugs Lou xxx

Sunday 15 January 2017

Heart You.........

Image- Heart you.
Papers- old Mo Manning freebie!!
Hi everyone!!

Every week I sit and spend some time over the weekend making my Dream Team DT make for a monday and almost every week I totally cannot wait to share it so it ends up here on my blog because I just LOVE it!!!! he he he!!! and of course, this weeks make was no exception! I mean..just how cute is this image????!!!!!

And this year I have promised myself to get back into blogging properly, popping in to say hello to people and entering challenges and so here is my first challenge entry of the year for The Ribbon Girl challenge which is use any image.

Today we have had a kind of easy day in the Daubney house. We have woofer walked, had a Draughts tournament, Mo has got all of homework done and I've got a couple of loads of washing done. They all sound like mundane things but it's been alovely chilling kinda day...which is good...because Mo got up at 3am and is now as grumpy as his butt on a hot metal slide!!!!! I see a lovely relaxing bath in his very near future!! bwah ha ha ha ha!!!

Right, I am off to run that bath and then tonight I have some Tiddly Inks time scheduled just for me before Sherlock comes on. Oh how I love that program! I will wait so impatiently for the next series to start!!! lol!!!!

Huge hugs for you all, Lou xxxx

Sunday 8 January 2017

Flying Crayons.......

Image- Flying Crayons.
Hi everyone!  

I'm popping in while the house is in a state of 'shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'! Little Mo has gone off with Daddy to post some parcels and I am doing that thing where you make a cup of tea and eat 2 tesco oaty dunkers without someone small saying 'Can I have a bit? Can I dip mine in your tea? I won't let it go soggy and drop off in there (...and it always does!! lol!!!).

I've spent the last couple of months deep in thought with the old crafty stuff. I am very much the 'hobby cardmaker' kinda chick. I just love it that way. Just making what you fancy with the stuff you love, it makes me 'tick' creatively and keeps my crafty Lou clock always going, (it doesn't get out of time or have worn out cogs that way!!!) So on friday night after Mo had gone to bed (...and I had woken up and peeled myself of the pillow next to him where I had zonked out too...!!) I got busy with a make using Flying Crayons

She is such a little poppet, I adore her stripey little socks and her little heart picture, it's sooooo cute!! I made up a little sentiment to go with her and turned it's strip into a little scroll that is fluttering away in the breeze whilst she flies off with her crayons. I went for a one layer CAS card after seeing the latest MFT sketch, it's such a lovely sketch I think I will use it quite a bit!

Right, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh time over! the men of the house are back and I have meatballs to get in the oven for tea! ooooooooh yummers!! made the sauce base earlier and its been cooking away slowly in the oven and smells soooo nice!! so it's just a case of dunking the little meatballs in and letting them suck up the goodness for another 40 mins now!!

Huge hugs for you all,Thank you so much for popping in, Lou xxx

Thursday 5 January 2017

Bronte Kisses...

Image- Bronte Kisses.

Its that time of the month again where a fab new challenge pops up on the DP2 challenge blog. And, as always, its time to explore your Mo's Digital Pencil images in your own way!! 

I've had so many dear friends loose their gorgeous pawsy companions this christmas that I just had to go with Bronte Kisses to let them know I am thinking of them all so much.

So, don't forget! the challenge is........

 Anything Goes with a Mo Image

                             Winners prize: a $5.00 voucher for Mo's online store.

Remember to follow Mo's Challenge Rules ...
use at least one Mo Manning image...
NEW creations only! (No back linking)...
And, please, only ONE entry per person!

Monday 2 January 2017

Dodi, Jerry and Mags.......

 Images-  Dodi.  Jerry.  Mags.
Hi everyone!

I cannot tell you how excited I was when the delicious new goblins,Dodi, Jerry and Mags arrived in the shop this week. I had to snap them all up to make another of those awesome Book Box cards Becky has me hooked on right now!! They were just perfect for some uber fun!!

Labyrinth is my all time favorite film so some gorgeous goblins was a dream come true for me and I put on the film soundtrack and happily coloured along while singing away ( my poor neighbours.....!!!)

Here's a couple more piccies.....

Yup....another one of those Lou makes it but it's really hard to get a picture taken of it kinda makes right there!! lol!!! Here's another go at getting a piccy of inside....

Aren't they just all so gorgeous?!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeep! I LOVE them!! 

Right, I am off to soak up some gorgeous hubby and son time now. I have so adored every minute of the holidays even if we have all been poorly!! the time has zoomed past though. I know I am greedy and would quite happily steal these 2 away forever!!

Huge hugs for you all, Lou xxx

Sunday 1 January 2017

The boy and his dog.........

Image- The boy and his dog by Heather Ellis.
Sentiment- PI Woof You clear stamp set.
Papers- MME Happy Day.
Hi everyone!

oooh it's been so cold and rainy today! Scott and Mo had some disney infinity playing time so I decided to have some mummy time!! I printed out one of my absolute faves from Heather Ellis,The boy and his dog. He wasn't sitting in Heather's Etsy shop this morning when I went to find him to link you all in, but don't worry!! I messaged Heather and wahhooooooooooooo!!!!!!! she added him to the shop so you can all go get him now!! he he! there are a whole tonne of other uber cuties in there too so don't miss popping in.

Now, this cutie is a golden oldie I know but I bought him a looooong time ago because he reminded me so much of my little mo and our gorgeous first dog, Zak. Sadly Zak went over the rainbow bridge not long after I got this image but he is still perfect for our furball prince and princess we have now.

I wanted to get a start on my valentines makes for Mo and Scott and of course, the mini guy came first!! lol!! I used the sentiment from one of Heather clear stamp sets for MFT to go at the bottom and gave the boy a little heart house to hold onto like a little lantern (........yup, christmas colours and lanterny feelings are still hard to let go of right now!!!!). And yup, they are Dasher and Poppy's chew sticks in the piccy and Dasher is still sat at my feet waiting for them!!!

Right, I am going to get off to bed now. I am so full from eating bad stuff so I am going to wish to the diet fairy before I go to sleep too!! 

Huge hugs and love, Lou xxxx