Tuesday 21 February 2017

Cheetah Shark...........

Image- Cat Shark Mermaid set from Tiddly Inks.
(she comes in a set of 3 Cat Shark Mermaids).

Morning all!

Last night I had a super duper sleep. I fell asleep watching the football in bed and was fast away by 8:30am and I didn't wake until 5:19am this morning (..Mo and Scott even snored in until 6am!!!!) and the best bit is I only had 2 doses of full on painkillers yesterday too so I think I am getting there. And thank you so very much for all your lovely comments, it really does help to read them and not feel like I am going it alone xxx

One of my BF's took me for a walk around the block whilst Scott went to fetch Mo. Going in the car is very, very painful so I think I am going to have a rest from being in the car for a couple of days.

Yesterday I felt well enough in the afternoon to get a little bit of a craft on and finish up my beautiful new cheetah shark from the new Cat Shark Mermaid set from Tiddly Inks. This one just really hit the spot for me, she's just gorgeous.

A few layers of scrummy papers and die cutting and she was done. 

Now, yesterday I took a few moments to try and explain to my BFF's what it looks like under my dressings ( I am seriously so blessed for my trio of 3, they are just amazing). This could of course only be done with an amazing Lou picture....

Oh, ok..so I am not amazing at drawing at all but it still helped!! lol!! the little cross belly button was my first attempt at getting my belly button drawn in the right place but then when I looked in the mirror it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to far from my nipple when my left boob is out of its bra so that needed an edit!!! pmsl!!!!

I managed 5,938 of my normal 10,000 steps yesterday too so I was quite chuffed with that. Today I am going to try for a little more now the anesthetic has worked its way out of my system. I have had a few days of feeling really sick and dizzy with it so wouldn't of trusted myself to walk alone at all. Today I think I can do it so I'm going to have a go at some slow womble sessions!!

Right, got to go. I need a cuppa!!
huge hugs Lou xxx