Saturday 25 February 2012

Beach walking and a Funky Hand sale going on...NOW !!!

Hello Peeps!!
Not a card to share today as we have spent most of the day plodding along the beach with Mo and Holly and we are now all resembling zonked out little zombies (..have you ever realised how hard it is to walk along on the sand?!!!!)  but I just had to make myself move to my pooter to share a few piccies and most importantly a Funk Hand sale with you!!!

Sooo, Sale first!! There's a whopping  50% OFF all downloads on the Funky Hand  website from now until Monday 27th February at 10am.  Now, don't miss out on this sale because those downloads  are going for next to nothing until monday and ya'll know how much I use them!! I don't think there are any that I am not completely in love with!!! I think I use them on most of my cards in some way because I love the fact that I will never run out of that paper because all I ever need to do is print off another sheet!!!! :)

And now a share of my cute little peeps on the beach!! Its the first time we have ever taken Holly to the beach and oh boy did she love it!! she kept woofing at the waves when they came along and they caught her by surprise more than once tumbling over her but she loved it!!!

Here's a thoughtful Little Mo. It was only 8am when we got to the beach and the sun was gorgeous (.....but dippy here forgot to remind gorgeous Hubby to pick up his posh gadget boy camera so these are from my phone, an ancient Samsung  Jet!!)
I think the sun must of been shining right at me taking it judging by the colours! he is always completely mystified by the big wind turbines in the sea!!!
Here's the fluffy princess!! in this piccy she had just been attacked by a mahoosive wave and was trying to work out where exactly her attacker had hidden!! it was so funny, I thought I was going to drop my phone I was laughing so much!! talk about a tena moment!!!!
and here's thing 1 and thing 2 chasing each other around the beach. hey had such a wonderful time and I am so very thankful for both of them being such a great match, they completely adore each other and that makes me so happy. Its a joy to watch them together as Mo is so loving with her.
After a good 2 hours of beach exploring (...pockets full of shells, stones and seaweed...ahhh i so love Mo's idea of treasure!!) we plodded back to the car and Scott took me 2 mins down the road to the Cutting Edge Crafts shop.
Now I have shopped online with them before and it came super whizzy quick but boy oh boy was it gorgeous in the shop!
I have been saving hard for a Big Shot and finally managed with the help of payday to get enough pennies to go buy one. I was so absolutely confused at what you need to get that I asked one of the ladies in there for some help and she was just absolutely amazing. She helped me to get together all the bits I need, steering me away from bits I though I needed but totally didn't ( i am so super thankful for that as it meant I had pennies left to buy a die i really neeeeeeeed ...!! yup, Lou if you are reading this it is definitely your fault.....) 
So if you are ever in skegness pop in on them and you will not regret it at all....and give the lady in glasses in the shop a huge hug from me because she was so lovely.
We put mummy's new treats in the car and went off to get some fresh donuts for the journey home ( ..its ok peeps, don't worry about my diet because I bought a cup of tea too so all donut calories were instantly melted.......)

Once we were home and Holly had splonked out fast asleep from a busy morning (.....and little Mo had helped to open the huge box....make it into a robot head...and come back to mummy to investigate the big black and oink thingie!!!) all 3 of us sat down to watch the tutorial dvd which was great too as Little Mo decided he should demonstrate each step for us!!! too funny but I cannot tell you how much easier it is for him to use than the cuttlebug I was using!! I love it already!! if its good for the small one, its good for me!!!

Right I have waffled a zillion!!! :) bet ya'll have dropped off to sleep!!! :)
thank you for popping in on me! 
huge hugs Lou xxx