Monday 15 June 2015

Sweet Smiles....

Morning all!!

I have some uber cuteness this morning!!!! awww I am head over heels in love with these lil gumball dudes!!! (...though..I have to admit this is my little Mo's stamp and die set and not mine!!!!!)

I stamped them out and coloured each little cutie in before I gave them their own little faces!!! that was totally my favourite part!!!! there was a lot of awwwww and so cute's from Mo and I as I stamped away little expressions onto each ball!!

OOOOOOOOOH!! and before I forget, there's FREE UK POSTAGE over on the shop while Tracy is on holiday!! whoot whoot!! go spend peeps!!!!!

Me...I am off to bed after the school run. Another fun night at work has left me rather pooped out today! I am sooo looking forward to resting my head on my pillow!! splat as soon as I get home!!!!! alarm on and super slumber is calling to me louder than a mountain lion!!!!!! he he he!!

Thank you for popping in
 huge hugs Lou xxx