Wednesday 31 January 2018

Wryn's Texting.....

Image- Wryn's Texting from Tiddly Inks.
Papers- Pebbles 'Happy Day'.
Sentiment and speech bubble- MFT Friend Request.

Hi everyone!!

Well, I'm feeling a bit grumpy today! lol!! I started doing my 10,000 steps a day again yesterday and happily walked to the Drs and back in my walking boots but dopey here forgot to put my proper walking socks on and ended up with a hideous entire heel sized blister on my right foot. So today, when I attempted to do my walk, (.....4 attempts....walked my BF's dog just fine, came home for a wee before going on my walk, got halfway down the field and my blister exploded soaking my sock and shoe and ooooh my goodness did it hurt!!!! so hobbled home, changed socks, fresh blister plaster, off I went again..... not quite so far down the field my heel told me that walking shoes were just not going to happen so I hobbled home again and swapped into my go walks.....pootled off down the paths on the estate and got a teensy bit further than down the field walks had gone only for my heel to tell me once again that no, this was not happening!!!! lol!! hobbled home and did a bit of crying!! ............wimp!!!!!! but I do love my big walk!!! so any steps happening today have had to step around the house or on the spot!! hey ho!!!

Then to add to my woes of the day, girly time decided to begin too !!!! What a day???!!!!! but it's not all bad because to cheer myself up I decided to make a card up with the gorgeous Wryn's Texting from Tiddly Inks. She is just too sweet!!! and I had some scrummy papers in he stash of Lou just right for the job too!!

I used my MFT Friend Request stamp and die set for the sentiment. I tried to find a link for you all but it seems MFT have retired it!! 

Right, I'm off to make a coffee and get a little more stepping in! I have a fair few steps left to do, around the house isn't as much fun as my beautiful fields walk!!!!! Thank you for popping in,
Huge hugs Lou xxx

Monday 29 January 2018

Basketball Teen.................

Morning all! 

I'm in with a post for you today using the gorgeous new  Basketball Teen S from Mo's Digital Pencil. He is just the bomb!! I always find something in the shop that reminds me of my little guy! He may not be this buff yet but he does love basketball!! And!! even cooler! there are 2 versions of this super image....
You can click on them to be magically pinged to their home in the store!!!

Of course, my little guy is a full-time prescription glasses wearer so I needed to send a quick ping off to Da Boss to ask her if she could please design me some glasses for the Basketball dude so I could make him more my little Mo-ish! and of course, she delivered super quick and with a super cool frame too! 

Inside follows the theme with a teeny version of the same dude inside and the 'You're a star' sentiment. I didn't want a sentiment for the front because....well....let's be honest...I can never wait to give Mo a card I know he will squeal over!! so he'll probably get this card at the end of term next week!!!

And me for today...I will be attempting to tidy the doom that is my outside crafty room. I feel ready to pootle on back out there with all my crafty bits now I'm getting much better but boy oh boy.......I think a search party may be required if no one has seen me in a couple of days!!!!!! I think I might just have it done by the time I've finished my Herceptin injections in April!!! bwah ha ha ha!!!!

Right, breakfast and school run to sort so I had better get a wriggle on!! Thank you for popping in, Hugs Lou xx

Tuesday 23 January 2018

A little box of bunnies!!...........

Morning everyone!! 

I'm in with my Swedish Housecrafts DT post for you today and I decided to just have me time fun make for this one!!

I have had these super sweet little Magnolia stamps It's Springtime Sweet Rabbits .since I got my fabulous springtime collection last year. They are just the sweetest little bunnies and I love the way the smaller one looks up at the bigger one!!

I stamped 4 of them, coloured them all up all cute and bunny-ish and then fussy cut them out. 

To get the dimensional 'pop' for them I turned them over on my foam mat and gently rubbed the back of them with the rounded end of my pen.

Then I used a little hot glue to adhere them to the hills inside the box. Look how cute they look!!

I used the Gummiapan Die - Hen's Net to make the 'wire' for the front of the box.

I gave it a good coat with clear embossing ink pad before putting some clear ultra thick embossing enamel on. I set it with my heat gun and the effect is so beautiful!! Here's a closer look at how it came out...
Then it was time to 'embellish' the front of the box a little! I used my Magnolia Doo Hickey Box 14 to cut the little delicate flowers, leaves and pennant out. I used the same rolling my rounded pen on the die cuts to give them some dimension for when I glued them on.
For the pennant, I just finished it off by tying 2 teeny little twine bows and adhered one to each end of the pennant.

I also popped a little adhesive pearl in each of the bigger flowers on the front and inside on the little hills.

Thank you for peeking in!!

I used:

Gummiapan Die - Hen's Net HERE.
Magnolia stamps It's Springtime Sweet Rabbits HERE.
Magnolia Doo Hickey Box 14.

Monday 22 January 2018

Hope your day is Purl-fect!!.......

Image- Baby Fairy Purl.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! isn't she just Purl-fect?!! he he!!! I know she is an oldie but my oh my is she a goodie!!! too good to not use for my DT make this week for sure!!

Every so often I love to delve back into the archives of stunning images in Mo's Shop and get something that just makes my heart skip to work with and having a tonne of friends who knit or crochet, this little cutie, Baby Fairy Purl , just had to be printed off and used pronto!!

I popped little glossy accents on the wings and made a little pair of knitting needles from cocktail sticks with teeny balls of air drying clay for the ends and cast on a few stitches....erm...because that's about as far as my knitting skills go!!! lol!..and there may have been a hot glue injury in the making of the small ball of wool but hey!! it's all in the name of fun!!!!

So today I am investing in some serious chilling out-ness! I love a recharge myself day and they are really good to have now and again. I have a lovely bath planned for when I return from the school run and then I am going to have a bit of a read I think, I'll see what takes my fancy when I get out of the bath!! on Friday we got my CT scan results and they were all good with nothing hiding out in my lungs and since Friday, Scott and I have been absolutely tired out and I know just what it is!! It's that floaty feeling of nothing left to worry about for a while. The huge sense of 'oooooooooooooh, that's off my shoulders now' and peeps, it is truly blissful!! 

So be kind to yourself today peeps, if you can, make sure you have a few minutes just for you and celebrate all you have around you because it really is just magic.Thank you for popping in, huge hugs Lou xxx

Wednesday 17 January 2018


Image- Primrose.

Morning everyone!!

I'm a bit squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee excited to share my make with you today from the new Krista Smith image release over at Make It Crafty.I've been sitting on my hands not to share this card since I made it on the 6th January....(yes!!! the 6th!!! hands are numb from the weight of my butt on them! bwah ha ha ha ha !!!! but this may actually be a record of Lou being a good girl and not sharing early stakes!!!)

This is Primrose. I absolutely adore her! I printed her out just the right size to fit the gorgeous little 'Love' chippies from the Sending Adapt-a word chippie set and I LOVE how it came out! I coloured the little banner with my lightest promarkers to get those delicate little gentle folds of material in (...because I decided it would be a real deal material banner for such a soft and floaty gorgeous image right?!!!).

Once I'd made up my card base I decided I need some super sweet magical little dragonflies on there too so out came the Tinklings Mini Dragonflies. Aren't they just too cute? they are a teeny little addition to the card but make it look so lovely.

I think the papers were from my Fancy Pants Love note paper stack but I've lost the front cover of the pad now so I'm not uber sure!!!

Right, I need to try and get the umpf for the school run. It's a bit frosty here after a weak attempt at snow by mother nature...she needs to try harder!! I LOVE snow! Thank you for popping in, huge hugs Lou xxx

Tuesday 16 January 2018

Wryn shares Hope....

Image- Wryn Shares Hope from Tiddly Inks.
Papers- Dear Lizzy 'Lucky Charm'.
Afternoon all!!

Well, I'm sat at my pooter desk trying to decide whether to go for a nana nap or make something! Mo is at panto practice until 5pm which feels blooming ages away!!! so I'm all out of routine today!!

But I decided that I DEFINITELY needed to share my make using the absolutely, posatootly awesome new image, Wryn Shares Hope, that my gorgeous friend Christy from Tiddly Inks drew for me last week.

When I got my all clear I asked her if she would draw me a gorgeous Wryn with ribbons. I think the world totally needs a happy little ribbon Wryn so that people can craft away for friends who are going through diseases and want a cheery, happy and hopeful image to use. And my oh my! did Christy deliver???..of course, she did because she just rocks!!!

I printed out the extra ribbon that comes with her too and cut it out to be a little 'charm' on the twine.

Right, I'm going to pootle off and look a bit more lost at my desk now!! lol!! 3 panto practices this week might leave me feeling really rather lost!!!! Thank you for popping in! huge hugs Lou xx

Monday 15 January 2018

Angel with Puppy........

Sentiment- Always Love You.
Morning all!!

I'm in for your Monday dose of cuteness and I really loved making this card. I know that Angel with Puppy(c) is one of the older images in the store but seriously, she is too cute not to use over and over.

And she is such a perfect way to let people know you are thinking of them at times of need.I went for a sympathy card feel for this one and attempted to do some rays from heaven and some beautiful clouds (..luckily the cuteness of the image and the sentiment carries my pants attempt through!!!).

Don't forget, there are a few versions of super sweet little Angels in the store so there is plenty to cover you!! pop in and see which one calls out to you!! ...I love them all so good luck choosing!! bwah ha ha ha ha!!!!

Right, I really do need to shake myself into action this morning though, after a night of broken sleep, lots of black coffee and matchsticks feels much more of what I want to do!!! 

Thank you for popping in, Hugs Lou xx

Thursday 11 January 2018

Donut worry, be happy.....

Image- Molly's Donut.
Morning all!!

I've been so busy just enjoying some colouring time this week that I have totally forgotten to blog some makes!! lol!! but Donut worry!!!! Molly's Donut and I have a share all delicious and ready this morning!! he he!!

Before I forget also, I have some super duper exciting news!! My mammogram came back NED ( no evidence of disease)!! wahoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! I feel soooo good about that!! just 5 more Herceptin injections to go and I will be done with ongoing treatment!! I am just waiting for my CT scan results for my lungs now but I'm super sure they will be tickety-boo too!!

Anywhoo! back to Molly's Donut! she's just so cute and I couldn't resist adding some real cake sprinkles to her donut whilst the glossy accents was wet!! I love how she turned out!

Right, the school run awaits me!!! oooooooh!! I lead an exciting life me!! 

Thank you for popping in and huge hugs, Lou xxxx

Tuesday 9 January 2018

Your Hand...My first DT post for Swedish Housecrafts!!

Morning everyone!!!,

I'm soooooo excitedly typing in with my first Swedish Housecrafts DT post today and I went with using the stunning Pion Design- Images from the past- Your Hand sheet for my make. It has so many beautiful and romantic versions of the hands but I could not resist this one with it's stunning rose heart.

I teamed it up with some older Pion papers from my stash, Vintage Wedding. I love to layer up papers and make them pop by distressing the edges using one of my scissor blades and running it along the edge of the paper to 'fluff' it up like this.....

And tucked in just behind the hands is a gorgeous Sweet Cosy Love- So Wrapped Lovely Doo Hickey die cut. This die is just so beautiful and super for just adding a little more detail to your card. I love to add some twine to it and then pull the fibres apart so it looks all pretty and floofy woofy....

And to finish off the the little corners that looked a little lonely without embellishments I added 3 little adhesive pearls. It just lifts the plain-ness a little!!

So thats my uber excited Lou first swedish housecrafts post done!! oh my gosh I've been sitting on my hands for so long with this news!!!

I'm going to crack on with the day now and get a cuppa before I drop off the mini man to school. Have a wonderful day everyone! huge hugs Lou xxxx

Monday 8 January 2018

Tia with Flowers (spinning stamp)........

Morning everyone!

I'm in with my Dream Team post for you today and my oh my!! did I have the best fun making this card!!!

She is new to the shop, she arrived at the weekend and I couldn't resist playing with her right away.Well, it would have been rude not to as Scott was super busy putting in some new sockets on our bedside tables so I can have a little lamp for reading at night. The sockets also have 2 doody USB port's in them so I can charge my phone when it goes flat because I can't sleep and I'm playing on something!!!(...he's rather fabulous you know!!) anywhoooo, back to Tia....

And how does she spin you ask??? Between the 2 layers, you sandwich a little sewing thread and then when you've cut your aperture out, you adhere the thread with some good strong tape, or sew it through and give it a good knot. 

Then with your card open give her a good few spins around. Hold her still whilst you close the card and then when your recipient opens it she will spin around for them! I LOVE it!!!

Here's how she spins....

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! too cute!!! 

My first week of Slimming World went rather fabulously too!! on my weigh in on Saturday morning lost a whopping 4lb and I am so excited about that because I was thinking I would lose 2lb at the very most!! I don't expect to lose that every week, slowly slowly catchy monkey is best I think but a good chunk off to start made my week!!

Right, I need to get a wriggle on and get a cuppa!! I have my hospital check up with my surgeon today (...gulp! haven't seen him in a long time!!!) I'm not actually sure what I have to go for today so I am hoping he will have the results of my mammogram from last week and maybe some news about when I can be less like The Hunchtit of Notre Dame and more like a Barbie!! ( seriously though...those dolls have no nipples so I strive to be like one of them boobwise!! romfl!!!!). 

Thank you for popping in, Hugs Lou xxxx

Friday 5 January 2018

Grooving Jake..........

Image- Grooving Jake from MIC.
Dies- Magic Color Slider from Lawn Fawn.
Papers- Crate Paper Boys Rule.
Afternoon all!!!

I've had a hectic kind of morning having my CT scan (...whoot whoot though! totally escaped needing a cannula for contrast which I was worried about!!!) and I am only just getting to turning on my big pooter for blogging and general friday noseying around the internet!! he he!! but I have been so excited for my MIC Gal posty day to come around so I could share this super fun make with you....

squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I LOVE it!! especially since when I saw our next Make It Crafty Colouring challenge- Skin- was going to be skin I could not think of what the floof to do for the challenge!!

Then Zoe sent us the fabulous new Sweet Teens images . I was sat at my pooter listening to my Spotify playlist and on pinged A-Ha with 'Take on Me'........Oh!!!! Mind Blown!! I had a whoot whoot Bingo!!! moment and knew exactly what I wanted to do with Grooving Jake.

I printed Jake out twice, once on my normal colouring cardstock and once onto some Printable Acetate ( I get mine from Swedish Housecrafts so I linked it in for you all).Then it was just a case of using my scrumptious Magic Colour Slider dies to cut evrthing out tickety boo.

I coloured Jake up using all my Promarker Warm Greys to get that super cool 'cartoon character' effect and then once he was all ready to go I had super fun popping him into the little slider to make it look like a cartoon 'cell'

Now, I'll not waffle on any longer as y'all are probably having to click on your own tracklists to play the song some more....(........swoooooooooon....Morten Harket still does it for me!!! bwah ha ha ha!!!!)

Thank you for popping in, huge hugs Lou xxx

Tuesday 2 January 2018

Tiddly Inks challenge #209...Anything Tiddly Inks Goes!

Image-  Supergirls.

It's time for another fun challenge over on the Tiddly Inks Challenge Blog and it's the first challenge of the Tiddly Inkers want you to channel your Tiddly!!...

Anything Tiddly Inks Goes!!

 So put on your Tiddly mojo and go with the flow!!

 (**remember...We love to see any new creation, a card, 3D project, journal page etc 
but you must use a Tiddly Inks stamp or image **)

I was still feeling the superhero vibe when I made my DT make and let's face it, with Wonderwoman bears this cute who could resist????!!!!! I printed out some of my scrummy superhero papers and I also made myself a little quote sentiment using Antiope's words.

Right, I need to scoot. Mo and I are off out for a little play with my BF's children because they are back to school tomorrow..yuck! Luckily I get Mo for an extra day...thought I have to be honest and say I would rather keep him at home a bit longer than even Thursday. Holiday times are just too short. I think the children should have longer off each time, you are only small but once.

Huge hugs and Thank you's for popping in, Lou xxxx

Monday 1 January 2018


Image- Lovebirdz.
Morning everyone!

I'm in for you today and I am sharing my Dream Team make using the amazing Lovebirdz

There is a reason I absolutely adore this little image. When my wonderful Nana died she said to my Aunty that she would come back as a Robin to let us know she was ok. My Grandad loved Robins and nursed one back to health when I was little, that Robin visited Nana and Grandad every single day so I think that's why Nana chose a Robin to come back as.

When my Grandad died in October my Aunty saw the biggest, fattest Robin she had ever seen and it just makes me smile to think about it when I am having terrible missing Grandad days so I just had to use this image for my make today.

I merged them onto some of my favourite Nitwits collections papers...that's the absolute joy of .pngs files. I couldn't resist giving them some super loved up rosy cheeks thinking of them being my Nana and Grandad together again after so many years apart.

I have started slimming world. I'm so excited. I've decided to go it the group way ( I need the shame of weigh in to keep me focused!!!) I joined on saturday and have found it fabulous so far. For brekkie today I have made myself overnight oats with blueberries and raspberries and a splodge of Total 0% youghurt. I am super determined to shift some Lou blubber this year!!! there's plenty of me to loose so I know I can do it!!!!!

Well, my cuppa and oats are calling me! Have a wonderful day everyone! Thank you for popping in, hugs Lou xxxx