Monday 4 December 2017

Winter Fox....

Image- Winter Fox.
Morning everyone!

I'm in with my Dream Team make for you today and I've been playing with Winter Fox. He is just the sweetest image ever!! Oh I do love him and his little basket. I totally let out a little squeeeeee when I saw him....took me forever to choose which image though from all the new ones, had to resort to a squidge of help from my wonderful Erin to choose!!!! but here he is...of can click on him to be magically pinged to the shop to get him...I'm sooo helpful like that!!!!!

The sentiment that comes with him is just so sweet. I love that whimsical mix of writing so much. I couldn't resist popping it down by his feet and making a shaker by cutting out some of the space behind him! If you want to see the process of how I did that please pop on over to the Bella and Bronte Clubhouse page on facebook where I popped a little slideshow of the workings of my daft Lou mind!! he he!!! 

Well, I need to get ready for the day really. I've got the school run to do, pawsy pees to walk, telephone consultation to do with Mo's consultant about his new meds and a little bit of babysitting too and all before 12pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for popping in on me, hugs Lou xxx