Saturday 30 June 2012

A bit of a different christening card..

 Morning Peeps!!!

How are we all today? good I hope. We are just having a vegging out weekend this weekend because it is RAF Waddington's annual airshow...and we pretty much couldn't get anywhere if we wanted too!! romfl!!!! the traffic is buzzing with huge tailbacks as I look out of my bedroom window!!! but the show is so fantastic. We have been watching the planes arrive all week and they are some very exciting ones...along with some very noisy ones!! the black eagles have been the noisiest so far!!!

So onto my share for today!!! I made this christening card a few weeks ago for my friends gorgeous little girl,Ella. I had been making the traditional kinda cards for everyone else to give her so decided on something a little different from us.
I love christenings because they are just so special. I used my new memory box wreath die and butterfly border die for it, I knew exactly what I wanted to make when I bought the dies from the craft show in the morning before Ella's christening in the afternoon. I love it when a card gets you like that and comes out just as you wanted it too. 
I cut the wreath in both white linen paper and my crab apple too nitwits paper ( twice for that one so I could wumpf up the wreath frame around the verse). I then put the white linen one through my printer and printed out the verse and tucked it back into the nitwits paper frame and taped them together.

Then I cut out my butterfly border and added each little butterfly to the frame. My photo isn't that great of the front but I was in such a rush to leave I almost forgot to take any picture at all!! so it was a bit of a click and go! I did remember to lay it down though so you can just about make out the popped up little wings on the butterflies!!
Well, that about it for this morning!! I have some very exciting stamps to play with!! so I am going to indulge myself in those whilst Mo is pootling around. He is having a pj day today (...I was too until I spilt marmalade down my pj top and trousers from my toast...derrrr messy pup!!!)
OOOOOHHHHH!!! and super exciting for me!!! I am featured in the papercrafts Inspirations magazine!! it is out for subscribers already and due in the stores on the 4th July but here's a little piccy of my Mo Manning man card!!!! I cannot tell you how awesome I felt to be asked to share this so I am smiling from ear to ear!! its down at the bottom left of the page!!! squeeeeeeeee!!!!

Have an awesome day everyone and thank you so much for popping in on me!!! 
huge hugs Lou xxx