Sunday 29 April 2012

Hoping to have a SMASH-ing sunday!! romfl!!

Morning Peeps!!!

How are ya'll this morning??!! me, I have a stonky poop cold and to make it worser last night we were awoken by someone trying to get into our front door and the furry princess Holly going crackers at it by growling and woofing in her best furry princess voice. She must of done a good job though as they stopped trying, the weird thing is that just a few seconds later our bedroom was lit up by the lights of a police car. Though they didn't come to our house we did think it might all of been joined together in some way!!
I just couldn't settle after that and now I have a glamourous snotty red nose and sore eyes!!! (I am just sooooo attractive for Scott right!!!)

Anywhoo on a totally fabulous note I got an awesome gift in the post from a completely awesome friend on friday. I came home from work to find a big envelope on my kitchen table and a gorgeous pink SMASH folio was inside. OMGOSH!!! how excited was I ???? (...well, much to my gorgeous hubby's bemusement I was Squeel, dance around the room and jump a lot whilst hugging said SMASH book tightly and kissing it!!!!)
So to inspire me I am getting myself going with Kellie's...

All this nutty mamma behaviour of course stirred up little mo's nuttiness too and it got stirred up even more that when mamma had stopped doing the SMASH celebration dance and found his little gift from his little buddy Philly attached to the front of my book with washi tape he asked for a photo to be taken of him for Philly to say thank you and to show him the tooth he had lost that day at school....
romfl!!!!! you even get to see his tonsils too....!!!!!!  (...and the tooth fairy came at 4am saturday morning..........!!) I need to have a word with that chick !!!

So, the top picture is obviously my gorgeous SMASH book and that is pretty much how it has been since I got it!!!!!! I LOVE IT....I have taken the ribbon off 9 times and looked slowly all the way through it. I have stroked each page and then softly popped it back into its ribbon!!! I love it so much.
The tape at the side there is the tape I treated myself to yesterday from Paperchase. They had reduced it too so they were £1.50 each. Now all I need to do is apply some to the pages!!!
The mug is my HUGE poohbear tea mug. I love a cuppa in the morning and I don't do delicate china mugs, I like a huge mug of hot tea to get me going!! I drink hot boiled water for the rest of the day with a slice of lemon or orange but always in the HUGE mug!! 

And I dyed my hair yesterday too. I wanted it to come out much lighter like on the box but it looks good and covers up the white anyway!! lol!!! It actually shines a really awesome colour in the daylight but after taking a whole tonne of piccies Scott still can't get it to show up so you get this piccy of it instead.....
Ahhh so glamourous me!! not brushed hair yet and eyebrows popping out my fringe!! will make firm effort to take better piccies later...though it is pouring down with rain at the minute!!
So thats me for today! I am off to have another cuppa, eat a jammy dodger and might make it to getting dressed before 9am....nah, maybe not!!! lol!!!!
Thank you for popping in on me!
huge hugs Lou xxx