Monday 31 March 2014

Yuki...and stroke only papers....gulp!!!

Morning Peeps!!

Hope you are all waking up to lovely mondays. I have got to do the school run, walk the pawsy peeps, go to the dentists for a filling (...long blood curdling scream inserted here...) and then take mum for her counselling session so hopefully at some point this afternoon I might get chance to sit down for a cup of tea.....albeit through a straw because my mouth will be numb!!!!!

Anywhoo, onto my makey for today!! I just adore this stamp, she is gorgeous and then there was the use of some extremely stroke only and whimper as the trimmer cuts them papers!!! in fact I think there may of been a scream...he he he!!!
Then it was just a case of splodge some colour on, rip a hole, mount and froo froo!! ahhh I love a cardmaking day me!!!

All the links you need for the bits on my card are just underneath the picture, you just need to click on the coloured names to be magically pinged to where they are in the Dies to Die For shop.

Right, well I guess I had better get started on little Mo's pack up before its time to go!! Have a wonderful day and thank you for popping in on me

huge hugs Lou xx