Friday 26 June 2015

You're my best...........

Hi everyone! 
We have been very busy pawsy peep sitting in our house this week with one of Mo's favorite dogs, Tyson.Here they are being goofballs!!..yup...he's sitting on Mo's lap...and yep! they are looking at someone taking a photo at the same time!! lol!!

For the last 3 days since Mo realised Tyson's humans will be coming home soon Mo has been hatching a play to replace Tyson with other things in their house so we can keep him!! lol!! todays idea at the top of the replacement list is a teddy...somehow I think they might notice!!I should add that Tyson only lives across from us and Mo see's him everyday but he just adores him so much...which is hilarious as he is petrified of my mum's teeny Daxy!!! lol!! 

Needless to say, we have had tears this morning because so its a good job I have this card all made up using the super uber cute Image- You're my best. Isn't he just so sweet? perfect for any paws loving little guy you might have in your family and perfect for sad little Mo's!!!

We popped out and bought him a little packet of minion chocolate bars to sweeten the deal after he finishes football club after school tonight! well...chocolate always works for sad right??

Thank you for popping inl huge hugs Lou xx