Thursday 19 November 2015

Coffee App.........

Image- Coffee App from Saturated Canary.
Stamps- Hug in a Mug.
Morning all...well just anyways!!

Last night at 9pm I got the ooooh gotta play with my new Mini Snowflakes dies feeling!! Luckily a couple of weeks ago I had coloured up the delicious Coffee App from Saturated Canary....which is good because the right side of my neck is still really niggling me and I haven't felt much like doing anything this week other than a good old mooch around!!!! butlast night the umpf got me and I just payed around inking and layering up those adorable little flakes!! I can see them being on a whole tonne of makes soon! wahoooooooo chrimbles is coming!!!!!

Right, I am off to warm up a wheaty bag, apply heat rub and have a little nana nap. The winds have been so high here the last couple of days and Little Mo hates wind :( he is petrified by the noise so we've had 3 nights of a little crying visitor plopping into our bed in the dark of the night, poor chappy :( he loves his sleep so it takes a real thing he can't cope with to wake him. Lots of love and snuggles to calm him ends in mummy and daddy zombie look!!! lol!!...but we rock it!!! lol!!

Have a fabulous rest of the day everyone, huge hugs Lou xxxx