Thursday 23 February 2012

Scott's valentine card!

Morning Peeps!!!
How are you all this morning? I am good. I have walked the dog already as its a work day today so I sneaked out in the dark at 5am while Scott was still here to look after Mo and I have to tell you it was wonderful. It was surprisingly warm after all the freeeezing cold days we have had and listening to the dawn chorus as I walked along was magical.

Now valentines day has conme and gone I can share the card I made for Scott on my bloggy!! ( I did sneak it on to the SC facebook page a while ago because I know he doesn't peek in there!!)
I used The Force couple for this one, I adore them!! being star wars peeps here in our house they were a definite must!!! I kept their colours quite simple and used some absolutely gorgeous papers from Anice over on Funky Hand. They are from the Huge Funky Love wordbook download, its one of my absolute favs. You get all the alphabet to make into wordbooks and then these bonus A4 size papers too.
I was so pleased with the papers as I had some raffia that matched it perfectly.

Scott being the star wars fan he is absolutely loved this card so that was just such a lovely feeling and it is still sitting proud on our living room windowsill so I must of done good this year!!! :)
So challenges I would like to enter with this cutie are....

So have any of you had any thoughts on what you are doing for lent yet? I have. I had an awesome night at church on tuesday and we covered prayers this week. Now, I am the first to admit that recently my prayers have been very selfish and asking for strength for myself, then plonking my requests for everything else at the end. So I am sorting that out now!! to help me along I am going to start a prayer journal. So what am I doing  for the next 40 days for lent.......

Negativity around me makes me feel really sad. There is so much to be happy for in my life that I just want to focus on that, ( it can sometimes be something as simple as a Little Mo smile on his way out the door after being upset at going back to school that makes my day so much better) I feel a sort of calm when I am thinking happy thoughts.
So for lent I have decided to simply decrease its presence in my life by thinking happy thoughts and keeping you all cosy in my heart. I am sending out happy lent cyber hugs for you all!!
I don't think a whole 40 days of positive thinking is going to be easy as I am sure there will be some days that test me but I am going at it with a hopeful heart!!! :)

Have a great day peeps!! and thank you for popping in on me!!
huge hugs Lou xxx