Friday 24 August 2018


 Image- Gnarly Birthday.
Morning peeps!

I am late with my blog post this morning because I slept terribly last night and even though I am still on the 2nd cup of matcha and lime tea, I still resemble a zombie that's been on the day shift!!!!

But I'm here now with my Narwhalycorn make for Tiddly Inks Fab Friday!! I just adore this image...even though I really want to eat his ice cream right now....!!!

Here's a closer peek at his cuteness!! awwwwwww!!

Right, I am slinkying back into my cuppa now and then I'll make a start on brekkie as we are off to Ikea today to get some bits to tidy up our ever getting messier craft room/garage of doom!! It's a bomb site and needs some Ikea organisational magic in there!!! (....well.....ermmmm...this is the line I have fed gorgeous hubby in order to just get me to Ikea........I'll try to tidy up after I promise!!!!!).

Have a fabulous friday everyone, huge hugs Lou xxx