Sunday 1 September 2013

Layer it up and pop it out!!!

                                    Papers from Dreams come true papercraft factory.

Good morning everyone!!
Well I hope you all took advantage of the awesome sale over in the Funky Hand shop?!! if you haven't, here's a little reminder for you.....

and onto my share for today!! its a zingy little number!! lovely cheery colours for the 1st September!! 
I popped a little tutorial for this card over on the Get Funky and craft blog so pop over if you fancy peeking in on it!!

We wre going to go to the caravan this weekend but dopey here had got herself all muddled and it the next 2 weekends we can pick from so today we spent at home ( though it wasn't a bad thing as Mo was sooo whacked out from all the fun at twinlakes on friday he was still catching up!!) so a couple of days at home chilling out is on the menu for us now!! 
Yesterday Mo decided that his afternoons play activity is selling mummy's cards from our drive sitting in the boot.....sigh... I didn't have the heart to tell him no- one would come but luckily our fabulous next door neighbour, Darren, was busy painting the fence outside and came to buy a couple of bits. Well that made Mo's day and that £3 was the most exciting £3 ever!! he put it in a little pot and carried it around all afternoon!!
Then we walked the furball princess on the viking way and then went off to tesco to get some bits for tea.
Now this is where I love my little guy so much, proud mamma bit coming....!!

So we went to tesco to get bits for tea and he bought Darren some maltesers " to nibble on because he will be hungry doing all that big fence" then when we had finished our tea,mo rushed out of his chair and outside to Darren and asked him if he wanted a cuppa and a chicken salad bap,then he asked me to carry his stool out so he could keep Darren company while he ate so he wasn't alone.....

Well, I had to sneak a quick picture of him! my Ipad doesn't take amazing pictures but I still love to log these little Mo-ments! He is such a special little pickle, 8 going on 40 I am sure!!  he sat out there on that little wicker stool with his Ipad keeping Darren company until 7pm when it was time for bed! when I went to fetch him Darren said Mo had been showing him some dancing too! lol!! I missed that bit!!  Mo is such a funny little dancer!!

Right, I should go. I have waffled on proud mamma waffles enough!!

have an awesome day peeps
huge hugs Lou xxx