Tuesday 21 October 2014

Ducky Dance.....

Image- Ducky Dance Wryn from Tiddly Inks.
Hi peeps!

Well, its a rainy old day out there today! and the wind is blowing a hooley too! I have just popped my invention of a quiche for lunch in the oven to bake so thought I would quickly pop a little blog post on ( ...mostly to stop myself nomming on food in the kitchen while I watch the quiche cook....!!!).

Ducky Dance Wryn is just soooo cute!! and look at me going CAS?!! go me!!! I just didn't think she needed anything more than  a lovely sentiment and some pretty paper!

Mo's hospital appointment was a little surprising to say the least! Generally the little guy is doing really well and his Dr is pleased with his progress at school and how fantastically he is being nurtured there (..I've told you how awesome Mo's school is before but oh my...they are just awesome!!) but then came the shocker. The results of Mo's genetic array tests......OK...so when they said Mo's genetic change was rare they really did mean rare...like he is the only boy in the world with that difference on the database currently.....gulp!!!!!

This news makes little change for us as Mo is as Mo always has been but it was a bit of a shock! still the Dr is hopeful that as more people come forward they may find more like Mo and be able to make some better connections as to what it is! we have an hour long call scheduled with the genetic counsellor on friday and then from there they make an appointment for us to go to the hospital and talk to the genetic doctors..gulp!! lol!! hopefully by then too the results from Scott and I's tests will be coming in too so it builds up a better picture.

Mo's Dr also picked up a few traces of ADHD from some questionairres and a wonderful report that school did me to take with us but unfortunately she is not keen to give Mo medication for it because of the part of the brain it works on due to Mo's nerves and anxiety, it would help with concentration but it would also heighten his nerves so she is wanting to hold off on that at the moment but we are happy with that too as long as he is ok at school. We are extremely lucky that in his school they have many things in place for Mo for when he gets anxious or uncomfortable so thats such a comfort to us as parents.

Right got to go! I need to eat something hot and yummy and my quiche is beeping at me! yum!!

Huge hugs and thank you for popping in
Lou xxx