Monday 25 July 2016

Big Guy Grilling......

Papers- All Fired Up from Nitwits.
Hi everyone!! 

I'm in (errrrrr...totally late because Mo and I have been having some Mo and Mummy chill time...ooops!!!) with a post for you today using that gorgeous Big Guy Grilling. This image is just perfect for summer fun and birthdays but this one is for my step dad who loves to BBQ.

He has just built himself a fabulous new pizza oven too so I guess I'll have to get Maurie busy on a big guy pizza-ing!! he he!

I do just absolutely love man cards though. They are such a fun challenge to make yourself stop adding glitter and flowers and just have fun with some different papers and layers. So much fun.

Right, I need to scoot! I have a little guy who could do with a scoot around the block on his fliker scooter thingy!! oh I do so love the holidays. Time with my mini man is so special to me. The dogs are fast asleep and the washing still has an hour to go so its the perfect time for some fresh air.

Huge hugs Lou xxx