Saturday 2 October 2010

Cards from Clare's class.

Hello peeps!! Happy Saturday!!!
On thursday night I was extremely lucky and had a girly night with some of my bestest crafting buddies!! we had a little road trip out to Clare's lovely craft shop, Cloud9, in Horncastle for a class on using acetate in your card making.
Oh my, we had so much fun!!! there was only us 4 and Clare ( which is great because my nerves had kicked in nicely!!) lots of giggling involved and everyone made the most beautiful cards.
I loved both of the designs. Clare had kindly slaved for hours cutting all the little bits we needed to make our cards so really all I did was colour in an assemble using Clare's ready made cards of gorgeousness as a guide!!!!
I really enjoyed doing this Tilda mermaid one as I have these stamps and had never thought of using them in this way, Thank you Clare!!! Next week we are doing 'autumnal and earthy' so I can't wait for that.
You can find Fi's gorgeous take's on the same design here, Fi is much more cleverer than me when it comes to glitter so you can see on Fi's how the weeds were actually supposed to look!!!!
We haven't managed to get Pauline and Margaret to start a blog yet but we do try, Fi and I!!!! They both make the most beautiful cards. And if you fancy noseying in on Clare's blog, it is here.

We have spent most of the day listening to the motorbikes playing on RAF Waddington today, they are having a Help for Heroes fundraising day and racing big ducatti's around the base!! its very noisy!!!! brings back my childhood memories of spending days at Cadwell when my Aunty Patty and Uncle Charlie owned it. So much fun!!!
Well, sweet and sour chicken needs to be made for tea and mo is getting awful sleepy after a lovely bike ride whilst we walked the dog so I must get a wriggle on!!!
Huge hugs and big thanks to Clare, Fi, Margaret and Pauline for such a fabulous time on thursday night.
Lou xxxxxx