Wednesday 27 April 2011

My little cupcake makin' boy!!!

I just had to share a mo story!! this one is too cute! tomorrow at school they are having a posh clothes and cupcake day to celebrate the royal wedding. I cooked a batch of chocolate fairy cakes for mo to decorate today when we got home. I asked him what he wanted to put on it and his said...
" a britain flag"

at which point i gulped and said

" are you sure you can do one with icing? you have to do it all by yourself?"
( i don't like helping him with his creating!! i like to see what he comes up with himself, especially for child centred things like school!...though I did make him a cute little box to take it in!! ..he wrote the tag!!)

Little mo replies...

" its easy mummy, its a plus sign with a kiss on it"

(at this point mummy does her normal watery eyes 'cos he is so darn cute! i wish i could see the world the way he does!! i dont think i will ever see the flag of great britain the same again!!!)

 heres a piccy of my little man and his finished cupcake..

( yup, thats a big juicy bug bite under his left eye...he just tastes soooo good!!)

And heres the cute little box mummy made to pop it in! all Funky Hand papers from the Craft The Year Away cd.

Yes, I know, I know the cupcake is way cuter than the box and a teensy bit too big but when you ask a 6 year old which cupcake he wants to decorate you just know he isnt going to choose the runt of the 9 cupcakes I made which would of just popped in beautifully!!!

Anyway, I am off to indulge in masterchef and greys anatomy now so I will be back tomorrow!!

Huge hugs
Lou xxxxx